The Starkies are a group of Bob-ombs in the video game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 2. The Starkies have a very similar in appearance to the other Bob-ombs in the Paper Mario series. Their main headquarters/base of operations is located around Rougeport. The Starkies are not their own civilization, unlike the Deserets. The Starkies are merely a small group of "troublemaking" Bob-ombs, as the Deserets describe them. They are rumored to be working for Empress Timeblazera behind the scenes, when Sahkala was under attack, the Starkies were the main ones attacking the city. They are led by Piyro, a gold Bob-omb.


  • The word "Starkies" may come from "Sparky", something Bob-ombs are when they light their fuses to attack.

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