Artwork from Starkie: Crunchy Cookies.
Full Name Starkie Starfield
Current Age 12 (S:CC)

15 (after the events of S:CC)

Date of Birth Somewhere in September
Gender Male
Species Star Cookie (hence name)
Location Morning Starfield
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Cookie Crew
Family and Relations
Starkell (best friend)
Starkario (age group friend, college friend)
Starkie's deceased parents (family)
Starkella (love interest)
Main Weapon(s) Cookie Cutter
Ability/ies Tackling, controlling many elements, spitting spitballs, throwing pieces of him like bommerangs
Vulnerable To Many things
Kawaii Star Cookie*
Embrassed, but brave*
Voice Actor(s)
Jamie Roye (one of Brandon's school friends) (S:CC-???)
First Appearance 3DS Starkie: Crunchy Cookies (2015)
Latest Appearance 3DS Starkie: Crunchy Cookies (2015)

Starkie () is one of the few major protagonists of the game series, Starkie. He is a star cookie (hence the name as its a combination of the word "star" and the word "cookie").


Starkie mostly cares about all his friends more than his life, as he saves them all during the events of Starkie: Crunchy Cookies. He likes making new friends all the time, except if they hurt him, then he rejects. Starkie loves meeting new people and greets them nicely and perfectly.


Starkie is a star cookie with white hands and white eyes.

Game appearances

Starkie: Crunchy Cookies




  • This character was created when Brandon had the star cookie avatar.