Item Image Franchise Effect Associated Character
Power Star Super Mario Makes the user invincible for a while. Mario
Hammer Super Mario Strong, but slow melee attacks. Paper Mario
Metal Box Super Mario Makes your character metal for a while. Your attacks are stronger and you won't get launched as far, you you can't jump as high and you fall a lot faster. Metal Mario
Super Leaf Super Mario Makes your character grow a Tanooki tail which can deflect projectiles. Tanooki Mario
Ice Flower Super Mario Shoots icy air which freezes opponents. Ice Bro
Cannon Block Super Mario Replaces standard attack with shooting a cannonball. Cannon Black Mario
Shroom Shake Super Mario Restores 30%. Paper Luigi
Fire Flower Super Mario Shoots fire to damage opponents. Fire Bro
Parasol Super Mario Increases defense, slows falling speed. Peach
Super Mushroom Super Mario Grows your character's size for a bit. It increases their strength, but makes them fall faster. Toad
Yoshi Egg Super Mario Rolls along the stage before popping. Yoshi
Superball Flower Super Mario Shoots bouncy superballs that damage opponents. Daisy
Starbit Super Mario Causes starbits to rain down and burst on impact. It doesn't cause much damage, but there are many of them. Rosalina
Tennis Racket Super Mario Minimal melee damage, but launches far. Waluigi
Magic Brush Super Mario Creates sticky goop which slows down players whowalk through it. Bowser Jr.
Green Shell Super Mario Flies across the stage, bowling over characters that get hit by it. Koopa Troopa
Magic Wand Super Mario Shoots magic blasts that cause random effects. Kamek
Bob-omb Super Mario Explodes after a short while. King Bob-omb
Potted Piranha Super Mario Replaces the standard attack with a Piranha chomp. Piranha Plant
Whacka Bump Super Mario Restores 150%. Whacka
Durian Super Mario Attack it to launch it across the stage into enemies. Does a little damage when attacked, a lot when it. Pianta
Double Cherry Super Mario Creates a double of your character, that lasts until it is launched off the stage. Cosmic Clone
Box Super Mario A crate containing other items. Gearmo
Boomerang Super Mario A projectile that travels forward, and then turns around and comes back the way it came. Boomerang Bro
Hammer Super Mario A couple of uses of a throwing hammer with a high arc. Hammer Bro

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