Stargazer Arena
Developer(s) Zodiac Productions
Publisher(s) Zodiac Productions
Platform(s) Zodiac Stargazer
Release Date(s)
TBA 2014
Age Rating(s)
Rated T for Teen
Genre(s) Fighting
Stargazer Arena is a game by Zodiac Productions for the Zodiac Stargazer. It is a fighting game that utilises the scanning feature of the Stargazer to provide a large roster of characters and stages.


D-Pad - Movement. Left and right move, down crouches, and allows you to fall faster, and up jumps. They can also be pressed while attacking to change the attack.

A Button - Attack. Standard attacks like kicks and punches.

B Button - Special attack. THese attacks are more influenced by the character and the game they're from.

L Trigger - Taunt.

R Trigger - Grab. Once grabbed, you can use the A button to attack the character you have grabbed, and the D-Pad to throw them.

Start - Pause the game.


Much like Super Smash Bros, the game features a damage percentage rather than a health bar. However, as you attack other players, you will also build up your charge meter. Once the charge meter is full, you can press A abd B at the same time to execute a super move.



Not all scanable characters are available as playable characters. You can find the list of playable characters here.


All scanable locations are available as stages. You can find the stages on the Stargazer scanables page.


Many items in the game are unlocked when scan data for a certain character is loaded. For a list of the items unlocked through characters, see here.

One item comes preloaded with the game, and that is the Scan Data, which looks like a blue and green blotch and floating code and shapes. When used, it summons an Assist, which is a scanable character who is not being used as a playable character. For a list of Assists, see here.

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