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This page is for tropes of Stardust Citadel's works, inspired by a similar page done by Gear Games/Samtendo09.

ROBO series

Eternika series

  • Creator's Pet: Hama. So far, she is the character that is most prominently featured in Eternika, appearing in the game's cover as well being either the sole representative of the Eternika series in Fantendo crossovers or usually being one of the representatives of Eternika (with two exceptions so far being Fantendo Smash Bros. Lethal and Fantendo Sports Resort, both featuring Abigail but not featuring Hama), plus Hama got two spin-offs centered around her (although the second features Corshama as co-protagonist).
    • Similarly, Abigail seems to be the one that gets the most attention after Hama, with Corshama being the third most used in Fantendo crossovers. At one point, Abigail even used to be the main star of the series, although that was for a brief moment. In the proposed Eternika: The Animated Series, Abigail would had gotten a whole episode dedicated to her. Heck, she is the only character to appear in another game developed by Stardust Citadel that isn't an Eternika game.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Considering the lack of attention that she was given by the author compared to the other two mentioned in the trope above, Corshama is a rather popular addition in Fantendo crossovers.
  • Expy: While some characters take inspiration from a lot of other characters in media, one of the newcomers is a more direct clone of an existing character, the jockey Fortunata has similar personality and story of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run protagonist Johnny Joestar. Both are paraplegic jockeys who are both cynical and somewhat selfish in their personalities and both seek selfish goals at the beginning, although Johnny reforms during the story of Steel Ball Run, Fortunata doesn't. Fortunata might also be based of Gyro Zeppeli, another character who appears in Steel Ball Run who is a jockey from Italy, although Fortunata is from Rome and Gyro is from Naples.

Fantendo Forces series

Discharge series

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