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Type of Company Video game developer and publisher
Founder(s) Locke Landon
Founded at/in January 12, 1990
Owner(s) Locke Landon
No. of Employee(s) 12

Stardust Citadel is a video game developer and publisher, located in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1990 as Zeta Development Group, the company has been a major developer for Nintendo from the beginning. The company started out with a small team of six people and currently has twelve. The company is known for the Virus Engine, used ever since 1996 and available to use for indie developers, a development tool intended to be able to be easy for newcomers and versitale for veterans.

Stardust Citadel has their own console the Zeta Nebula, intended to be an accessible video game console for everyone. Despite that, the company still makes games for other systems, not intending to lock out consumers from their games. In October 2016, the company was announced to be one of the supporters for Nintendo's new system, the Nintendo Switch, with the latest version of Virus Engine supporting the system.

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  • The company's name came from .snickedge (tbc)'s Random Sonic Zone Name generator.

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