Type of Company Video game developer and publisher
Founder(s) Locke Landon
Founded at/in 2016
Owner(s) Locke Landon
No. of Employee(s) 1

Stardust Citadel (previously known as Xin, Chinese for "new") is a video game developer and publisher. The team is the latest company created by Locke Landon, after previous attempts resulted in failure. Stardust Citadel, fanon-wise, is described as a long running companing, whose roots are in the 90s era of video gaming.

The company has developed 14 games, with the majority of the games being of the Sonic the Hedgehog with 5 games developed by the company were Sonic games, including the popular Sonic Blur, which inspired Toroko's Sonic Version 2.0, as well two spin offs of that subseries, as well assisting in the development of the popular fangame Sonic the Hedgehog: Terminal Velocity. The team has also created unique original games, including the platformer ROBO, the 2D fighting game Eternika and the 3D fighting game Heir to the Throne.

Stardust Citadel is notably one of the few companies that rejects the New Fantendoverse on the basis of potentional clashes in the canon of Citadel's works and the works made by the New Fantendoverse writers. The company however does allow others to utilize the characters in other works.

Stardust Citadel's cast of characters is mostly composed of female characters, which the creator considers to be more interesting over male characters and more interesting design-wise. While the female-to-male ratio of SC's characters is off the charts, the company does intend on creating more original content with a more diverse cast of characters.


  • The company's name came from .snickedge (tbc)'s Random Sonic Zone Name generator.

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