Full Name Starbo
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth  ???
Zodiac Sign  ???
Gender Genderless
Species Star Guardian
Location World of Stars
Current Status Alive
Height 5'0(152.4 cm)
Weight 0 lbs.
First Appearance Grab Glove Platform Panic

Starbo is the mysterious guardian of the stars and the main protagonist of Grab Glove Platform Panic. It is armed with his powerful Grab Gloves and is enlisted by the gods of the stars to protect them from the Army of Void.


Starbo was created by the gods of the stars when the Army of Void suddenly appeared, endangering their world and stars. Starbo set out, and after defeating their leader(Starsnatcher), went back to it's place among the stars.


Starbo is an infant, but also, being created by the gods, is infinitely wise. It can't talk but is able to express itself through motion. Starbo is against violence and friendly to all it meets.


Starbo is a tall skinny humanoid creature who wears a blue outfit and has a star hat on it's head at all times. It has pale skin, no hair, and wide black eyes.


Starbo is able to jump high, has high levels of strength, and average speed. It's main ability is it's Grab Gloves, which can pick up anything and use it as ammo or bait.


  • Starbo was inspired by Nights, as well as, in appearance, Poppy Bros from the Kirby series.