Star Wars Fantendo Episode I - Return of the Sith
Reveal pic
Director User:Thektdude
Producer(s) Thektdude
Studio(s) TE Studios, Polis Kaininer, Disney & LucasFilms
Writer(s) Thektdude
Genre(s) Sci-fi, Action, Thriller & Adventure
Music John Williams







Mirai Moon




Theatrical Release Date(s)
GB Flag April 21st 2017

US Flag April 21st 2017

Japan Flag 26th April 2017

Flag of European Union 27th April 2017

31st April 2017 (Worldwide)

Home Edition Release Date(s)
GB Flag July 28th 2017

US Flag August 11th 2017

18th August 2017 (Worldwide)

Age Rating(s)


Original Language English
Runtime Estimated 2 hours
Series Star Wars Fantendo Trilogy
Sequel(s) Star Wars Fantendo Episode II - TBA

Star Wars Fantendo Episode I - Return of the Sith is the first movie in the Star Wars Fantendo Trilogy. It will be released in Real D 3D & IMAX 3D & 4DX & Large Format Screens.


A group of Rebel Resistance Pilots go to seek help from a Jedi for plans to destroy the Mordkraft, while a Sith Lord returns from the dead to find and kill a Jedi Master.

Opening Crawl


It begins with a dogfight near the Mordkraft where X-Wings and TIE Fighters are fighting each other. Darth Polis is requesting more TIE Fighters to go out there, as Kieron flies towards the Mordkraft and starts to shoot the glass where he can see the Sith and some of the Storm Troopers. Darth Polis sees the the X-Wing Fighter and uses the force to push the X-Wing away. Kieron then realises what he's doing and flies back up just as another X-Wing gets blown up by a TIE Fighter. Commander Kingler tells everyone they must abort and escape since there are too many of them. All the X-Wings turn back round and start flying back. The TIE Fighters all start shooting at once at the X-Wings, three get destroyed. One almost hits Kieron, but just misses. Everyone goes into hyper space and disappear, along with a few TIE Fighters. Darth Polis commands his crew to search for them, and then process to leave the room.

In the Planet, Abudubu; A Jawa, by the name of Echgo, is looking for material to do with droids and finds only pieces of a droid. Then he proceeds to go back to the local village of Ubu. When he’s looking for his food in his bag, a hooded figure comes to sit down with him. Echgo looks at him and asks, “I haven’t seen you around here, you new?” The hooded figure puts his hood down to reveal Terraria Bosswaker and tells him he’s visiting. Echgo then asks him if he likes it here and he replies with a yes, then says to him, “Do you believe in heroes and villains?” Echgo says no, since he's never had problems with anyone he has met. “Here, have this.” He says, before handing him a blaster. Echgo is stunned by this; being given this by someone he just met and it was a weapon, which is shocking for him. Terraria gets up and tells him to have a good day and walks off. Echgo replies with “You too” and starts eating his food.

Meanwhile, the X-Wing Fighter Rebels are out of the battle area. Commander Kingler asks everyone to follow him because he might know someone he met a long time ago. Everybody agrees and follows the commander to Abudubu. While, they head to the planet, 2 TIE Fighters stay behind and inform Darth Polis where they're heading. Polis tells them to return to the Mordkraft and they will start sending out more TIE Fighters to follow them without being tracked.

Somewhere else, in an abandoned planet, a figure is lying on the ground. He then gets up; using his hands. He finds out he's missing a leg, and an eye. He starts to scream, and puts himself up in a sitting position and calms himself down. Then he looks at his surroundings and then notices a droid that has a leg and an eye. He drags himself near the droid, and then tries to use the force to rip off the leg and eye from the droid. He straps the leg and eye onto him, then gets up and he manages to walk. He finds his lightsaber, and smiles.

Back at Abudubu, Echgo is finishing his food, when he sees six X-Wings fly from the sky and land in a massive space near the village. He stands up, and watches as six pilots get out and walk towards the village. He wonders what their doing here, but also finds out he's not the only one with an X Wing.

The Rebel Pilots walk to the village and start looking. Kieron then notices a hooded figure and asks Commander Kingler if that's him or not. Kingler then realises and starts walking up to the figure, Kieron following behind. He taps him on the shoulder and the figure turns around. Kingler is then surprised to see Terraria Bosswaker. Terraria is also surprised to see him again and asks how he's been and then get into a conversation. Kingler then asks he and his pilots need some help on destroying a Sith known as Darth Polis. He replies by saying he wants to help them as much as he can, but he doesn’t want to fight anymore, but he does know the Jedi Master that taught him years ago, who he hasn’t managed to find yet after that fight between him and Master Sith Lord Cryotic. Kieron asks what happened at that fight and he replies by saying when I became a Jedi, Cryotic was on the hunt for him because it would be someone who he can kill easily if they just became a Jedi, but his Master protected him, and they landed on a planet where he would be meeting them. He continues on how Cryotic used the force when I came towards him and I was thrown into a tree, and became unconscious. He then says his Master then attacked Cryotic right after and the fight lasted a while, but he manages to defeat Cryotic, only just. Then he keeps going on how he helped him up and healed him, then took him here and he just left and never came back. He tells Kingler and Kieron that they will probably never find him, ever. Then says it's good seeing you to Kingler, puts his hood up, turns around and walks away. Kingler’s gaze falls to the ground and Kieron comforts him by saying “it's going to be okay, we can figure this out.” Kingler walks back to where the pilots are. He then gets a pain in his head for a quick second, then ignores it and walks back to where they are.As their talking about what they were just told by Terraria, Kieron notices 2 things in the sky, which then turn to three, then four, then more. Kieron then realises that what he’s seeing in the sky are TIE Fighters and warns the others. The rest of the Pilots then immediately get in their X-Wings and start to fly away. Terraria Bosswaker then sees the TIE Fighters and starts to run and hide. Echgo then sees the X-Wings Fly away and sees the TIE Fighters. He freezes and doesn’t know what to do because he never fought before against anyone, not even the Imperials and then he thinks about the blaster he was given, and his own X-Wing. He begins to run as TIE Fighters begin to shoot the village and the Rebels. He keeps running, until he sees his cloth covering something, which when he takes it off, it reveals his own X-Wing. He remembers not using this for a while, then gets in. He then gets familiar with what's inside the X-Wing and begins to start up the engine. A TIE Fighter flies past and starts shooting the X-Wing, which manages to fly up into the air without being hit. As he’s flying through the air, he starts to shoot accidently and destroys a TIE Fighter that's just entered the planet. Then he flies into space and catches up with the Rebels.

The Rebel Pilots are flying through space, then Kieron notices another X-Wing on his radar and looks to see that there is another X-Wing behind them. Then he contacts whoever is in that X-Wing and asks who is it that's following them. Echgo stays quiet for a second, thinking what to say, then replies by saying that he’s a Jawa who knows who to use Ships. Kieron asks why he wants to help them, just as TIE Fighters catch up from behind and appear in front. The Rebel pilots then all split up, attacking the TIE Fighters. A few TIE Fighters get destroyed, as well as a couple of X-Wings. Echgo follows Kieron and at the same he doesn’t know what to do since he only destroyed one TIE Fighter and that was by accident. As Echgo follows Kieron, he loses contact with everybody, including Kingler, But finds out he still has contact with Echgo. Then it was just them two after escaping the TIE Fighters.

Back at the Mordkraft, Darth Polis gets told that they only managed to destroy a couple of the X-Wings and they missed the rest. Polis begins breathing heavily, fists shaking and suddenly grabbing his lightsaber. He takes a deep breath and calms himself down. Polis asked what planet what they were on, and when he was told he aggressively choked the stormtrooper, who he held in the air for a few seconds before shoving the stormtrooper to the ground, and told them he will be right back and left. Darth Polis then got into his own TIE Fighter and flew out of the Mordkraft and went to Abudubu.

Back in Abudubu, everything is now quiet and it's dark. Terraria Bosswaker is walking all alone through the village, then hears the words, “I knew I would find you here, Terraria Bosswaker.” He turns around to see Darth Polis, with his lightsaber turned off in his hand. Terraria then grabs his lightsaber and says, “You just made a big mistake Polis.” Then his lightsaber turns on, which is bright white and Polis’ lightsaber, which is bright red. Then they start fighting each other. Then they clash their sabers and Polis says, “You probably know about the Rebels, why don’t you tell me where they are and I’ll spare you.” He replies, “No, why should I?” Then Polis uses the force to push him back and Terraria falls back onto the ground. Polis walks up to him and says, “I guess you want to stop becoming a Jedi.” then, as he raises his lightsaber down, Terraria uses his force to push him back, causing Polis to fly into the air, and fall quite far. Terraria turned his lightsaber off and ran to this TIE Fighter and flew off. Polis woke up later to find out he was alone and that his TIE Fighter was stolen. He then got so angry that he began mindlessly using the force on the sand around him, which blew up into the air.

Kieron and Echgo keep flying for a while until they see a planet that is coloured a mixture of green and brown and they head towards it. Kieron tells Echgo that they will stop at this Planet and see if they can try and contact the other Rebels from there. They enter the planet to see that it's all quiet and abandoned and it's filled with trees. They both land by a circle of space around the trees. They both get out and look around. Kieron then asks to Echgo how he can speak his language and he replied back saying that he's not like the other Jawas and that he can learn different languages and do other things. Then they start exploring.

The remaining Rebel Fighters including Kingler arrive at Planet Klassen. They meet up with the other pilots and soldiers. Kingler informs them that the Imperial Empire is looking for them and that they need to get ready to fight and defend their home as much as possible. They all agree and Kingler and three Rebels head inside the base. They spread around the table that lights up a map of the galaxy and Kingler mentions they will attack other planets, not just their planet. He informs the Rebels to go to the planets that will get attacked and they start to get in the X-Wings and fly away, only now with Kingler and four of the Rebels.

Back at Abudubu, Darth Polis is still alone after he contacted the Mordkraft, until a massive ship, filled with Stormtroopers arrives and lands near where Polis is. One of the Stormtroopers (Mirai Moon) informs him that the TIE Fighter is heading to a planet, but it is unknown on their radar. Polis demands that they head to the planet to find Terraria Bosswaker. The Stormtroopers then nod their heads and head back to the ship. The ship then starts up, and flies off.

Back at the abandoned planet, Kieron and Echgo find a base, that has been half destroyed and abandoned for a long while. As they split up and explore, Kieron finds an abandoned Astromech Droid. The droid looks really dirty, like it had not been cleaned in a while. Kieron tries to see if he can boot him on. As he was, he felt another quick jolt of pain in his head for a second and fell back. He got himself up to see that the Droid was turned on and moving. It made a few sounds and Kieron begins to understand what the Droid was saying. He calls him K23, and tells him that he needs help on contacting the Rebels that he lost sight of in a Dogfight. K23 makes a couple more noises and Kieron calls for Echgo, which then when he gets no reply, he starts looking for him. K23 follows him from behind. When Kieron & K23 walk back outside, a hand grabs his arm and Kieron falls down. Kieron finds out its Echgo, who tells him to be quiet. K23 also stays quiet. As silence fell, the sound of a TIE Fighter landing is heard. Echgo looks up and sees the TIE Fighter open to reveal Terraria Bosswaker. Echgo then gets up, and calls for him. Terraria then sees Echgo and Kieron and starts walking towards them. He asks them what their doing here, and Kieron tells him how he got split up by his Pilots and commander in a Dogfight and how they landed here. He also mentioned how he found a droid here that might help him find his Pilots and Commander.

Terraria then feels a presence nearby and asks them to get moving. They agree and follow Terraria.

Meanwhile, planets are getting attacked by TIE Fighters, and X-Wings fly in and attack the TIE Fighters, to defend the planets. Commander Kingler and four of the Pilots fly towards the Mordkraftr to destroy it.

Back at the unknown planet, Terraria, Echgo, Kieron and K23 are back inside the half destroyed base. They start to hear multiple footsteps and Kieron peeks around the corner to see Stormtroopers enter the building from the other side and Kieron whispers to them that Darth Polis is here. Terraria tells them to kill those Stormtroopers before anything else happens, and quickly leaves. Kieron jumps out from the corner and starts shooting the Stormtroopers. Echgo stays where he is since he has never killed anyone before with a weapon. Kieron shouts at him to shoot at the Troopers. He hesitates for a second, then jumps out from the corner and starts shooting. After the Stormtroopers are all killed, Echgo stands in shock at what he just did. Kieron then tells him and K23 that they got to keep moving.

The X-Wings destroy both TIE Fighters and the pilots (PablodePablo and .Snickedge) both cheer at each other and fly back into space.

Back at the unknown planet, Darth Polis is all alone, then hears the words from Terraria behind him saying, “Why don’t you just stop?” Polis turns around and turns his lightsaber on and says, “This is who I want to be, a powerful ruler, controlling the entire galaxy.” Terraria turns his Lightsaber on and says, “Well, I’m afraid that's not going to happen.” Then a lightsaber fight occurs.

Back near the Mordkraft, TIE Fighters are getting destroyed by even more X-Wings that joined in the Dogfight.

Then at the unknown Planet, Terraria manages to cut Polis’ hand off, which causes Polis to scream as he drops helplessly to the ground. Terraria then walks up to Polis, who is using his remaining hand to keep himself up. Terraria tells him that can he join with the Jedis and become one himself if he agrees on it, otherwise he would have to kill him. Then all of a sudden, he gets stabbed from the side by a lightsaber from a different hooded figure and says, “Siths will never surrender and join the Rebel scum.” Kieron, Echgo and K23 appear from the entrance of the half destroyed base and watch as Terraria gasps for breath, his life suddenly ending. Echgo screams, and Terraria falls to the ground. The hooded figure then turns around and takes his hood off to reveal Sith Lord Master Cryotic, with a double bladed red Lightsaber. Echgo starts to shoot and run at him, only to be thrown back with the force from Cryotic. Darth Polis stays on the ground. Kieron starts to shoot Cryotic, only to have Cryotic reflect them with his lightsaber. Him and K23 stay on the ground. Then Kieron’s head start to hurt. It keeps going for more than 10 seconds and then hears a familiar voice calling to him, telling him, “Use the force.” Kieron stands up, reaches his hand out and begins trying to use the force. Then Terraria’s Lightsaber moves and flies into Kieron’s hand and it turns on.

Back near the Mordkraft, Commander Kingler launches a rocket towards the glass of the room where Darth Polis usually stays. The rocket smashes through the glass and kills all stormtroopers and commanders and others that were in the room. Kingler then cheers to himself, then flies back into battle.

Back in the unknown Planet, Kieron tries to fight Cryotic with Terraria’s Lightsaber, but Cryotic had the better advantage of dodging them. Then the sabers clash and Cryotic tells him that he will be his master to be part of the dark side and help him destroy the galaxy. Kieron refuses and Cryotic pushes his saber back at him and Kieron falls to the ground. Cryotic holds his Lightsaber towards Kieron’s face and says, “You won’t win, rebel scum.” Then they both hear a voice saying, “Get off him.” Then Cryotic turns around to see Jedi Master Lumoshi. Cryotic then says, “Lumoshi... I thought you had simply disappeared after our fight.” Lumoshi then replies back to him saying, “Well, you were wrong.” Then Lumoshi and Cryotic fight.

The X-Wings are starting to return back to the planet Klassen after destroying the TIE Fighters, and a bit of the Mordkraft, until a new TIE Fighter comes out of the Mordkraft and starts to shoot the X Wings and destroys three of the X Wings. The X Wings then turn around and go attack the TIE Fighter.

Back at the unknown planet, Kieron gets up and then sees the fight, and Kieron picks up his Lightsaber, and joins in the fight to team up with Lumoshi. Cryotic realises and begins to jump back where Darth Polis was, still lying on the ground. Kieron begins to attack Cryotic, then Cryotic uses the force to push him back. Cryotic picks up Polis and runs off quickly. Lumoshi chases him to where he sees Cryotic and Polis get on the ship Polis managed to use to get to the abandoned planet, and starts to fly away. While Lumoshi was chasing them, Kieron went back to see if K23 was ok, then when he saw K23 was fine, he went to Echgo, who was also lying on the ground the same as Polis. He saw that he was unconscious. Lumoshi walked back to where Kieron, K23 and Echgo were. Lumoshi picked up Echgo and him and Kieron and K23 walked back to where the two X-Wings were. Kieron gets in his own and K23 gets picked up and put onto the droid seat. Lumoshi got in Echgo’s X-Wing and put Echgo behind him as he sat in his seat. They both fly up in the air and go into space.

The X=Wings are still trying to destroy the TIE Fighter that manages to dodge all their shots and think he was more of an experienced Pilot than them. Commander Kingler then manages to fire one more missile, which hits and destroys the TIE Fighter. Everyone cheers for Kingler, and Kingler tells them to return to Klassen. They all agree and go into hyperspace to go back.

Back at the planet Klassen, the two X-Wings arrive, and Kieron, K23, Lumoshi and Echgo get out. Everybody stands in shock to see Jedi Master Lumoshi for the first time since his disappearance and sees Echgo lying over his shoulder. Lumoshi tells one of the Rebel medics that this person needs some medical help. One of the Rebel Medics walks up to Lumoshi and he gives him to the medic and puts Echgo on a hospital bed and takes it to a small building. Lumoshi then turns to Kieron and K23 and says, “Well, it seems like you have the force in a pilot like you. I’m going to sit with Echgo to see if he's ok, you got other friends to see you’ve split up with.” Just as they see about ten X-Wings arrive, and then Lumoshi walks to the small building. Kieron runs to where the X-Wings are at and waves at the crew. Commander Kingler then sees him and runs to him and gives him a friendly hug and asks how he managed to get back here because he went off the radar when they immediately went into that Dogfight after escaping Abudubu. Kieron then told him the story of what happened of how he went to an unknown planet and how he found the Jedi Master. Lumoshi then asks what happened to Terraria, and Kieron gives him the sad news. Kingler glances down for a second, then back up and says he's glad Kieron’s ok. Kingler then tells him that he's going down to the Rebel Bar to have a drink, then asks if he wants to come. Kieron replies by saying he will come down in a minute. Kingler says ok and walks down. Kieron runs to the small building that's a hospital and sees Echgo lying on his bed and awake, and Lumoshi sitting on a chair next to the bed. Kieron walks up to the bed and says, “You feeling better?” Echgo replies with a yes but he's still sad about Terraria Bosswaker and Kieron replies by saying it will be ok. Kieron then gives him something he has in his hand and its Terraria’s Lightsaber. Kieron then says, “I think he wants you to have this as well.” But Echgo declines by saying, “But you have the force.” Kieron stares at Lumoshi and Lumoshi smiles. Kieron then says, “I don’t even know how to use the force properly,” and gives the Lightsaber to him, and says, “I’ll see you soon.” and waves and walks off. Echgo then smiles and looks at the Lightsaber.

Back at the Mordkraft, Master Sith Lord Cryotic is standing in the control room, staring at the glass into space. Then the door opens and Cryotic turns to see a new Darth Polis, now more powerful than ever, and smiles.


  • Thektdude - Kieron
  • Poliskanin - Darth Polis
  • Monstermanchego - Echgo
  • TerrariaBoss - Terraria Bosswaker
  • KinglerMaster - Commander Kingler
  • PablodePablo - X Wing Fighter
  • .Snickedge - X Wing Fighter
  • Mirai Moon - Stormtrooper
  • BRVR - K23
  • CryoticYoshi - Sith Lord Cryotic
  • Lumoshi - Jedi Master Lumoshi


Name Picture Description
Kieron Kieron A Rebel Resistance Pilot who is a expert in flying and attacking TIE Fighters.
Echgo Echgo A Jawa who is a Desert Scavenger with the ability to speak different languages and has an experience in building, fixing and flying ships.
Darth Polis Darth polis A Sith Lord who has plans to destroy the Rebel Resistance.
Commander Kingler Commander Kingler A Rebel Resistance Pilot who is the leader and commander of the pilot fighters and the best pilot in the Rebel Resistance.
Terraria Bosswaker Terraria Bosswaker A Jedi who has been not fighting after almost getting killed by the Sith Lord, and who was trained by the Jedi Master.

Male stormtrooper

Female stormtrooper

Unisex stormtrooper

An army of soldiers trained from birth to obey Darth Polis' orders.
K23 K29 A Droid who looks like R2-D2 who has been abandoned by his previous Owner and been alone and on Standby mode for a while.
X Wing Fighters

Pilot - Pink skin

Pilot - Brown Skin

Rebel Resistance Pilots who can fly Ships and attack TIE Fighters.
Sith Lord Cryotic Cryotic A Sith Lord who has been alone and came back from the dead after a fight with the Jedi Master, which he lost so he finds a way to find him and kill him.
Jedi Master Lumoshi UnnamedCharacter A Jedi Master who went in the shadows after almost defeating Cryotic and was the one who taught Terraria Bosswaker to become a Jedi.

Credit to who -

  • Thektdude - Making some of the characters and writing the plot and coming up with the title and made the logo.
  • Poliskanin - Making some of the characters and fixing the writing of the plot and made the Fantendo Star Wars style logo.
  • Everyone who suggested what they would be. Thanks everyone for your ideas on who you would be or do in the Star Wars Universe.

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