Star Wars Fantendo Episode II - Path of a Jedi
Path of A Jedi Poster 2018
Director Poliskanin
Producer(s) Thektdude
Studio(s) Polis Kaininer, TE Studios, Disney and Lucasfilms
Writer(s) Poliskanin
Genre(s) Sci-fi, Adventure, Action, Thriller
Music John Williams
Theatrical Release Date(s)
GB Flag July 26th 2018

US Flag July 27th 2018

Flag of European Union July 27th 2018

Worldwide - July 27th 2018

Age Rating(s)


Original Language English
Runtime Estimated 2 Hours
Series Star Wars Fantendo Trilogy
Prequel(s) Episode I - Return of the Sith
Sequel(s) Episode III - TBA

Star Wars Fantendo Episode II - Path of a Jedi is the sequel to Star Wars Fantendo Episode I - Return of The Sith. It will be released in 3D, Real D 3D, IMAX 3D, 4DX and Large Screen Formats.


Continues from Episode I where Kieron is now a Jedi and is being taught the ways of the force by Master Lumoshi, while the galaxy is still under attack with both sides now stronger than ever and where Darth Polis and Cryotic have plans to destroy the entire galaxy.

Opening Crawl

Video coming Soon.

The entire galaxy is under attack! The fight between the REBELS and EMPIRE is still happening, with both sides now stronger than ever.

Once just an ordinary X-Wing Pilot, Kieron is training with Master Lumoshi to learn the ways of the force and become a JEDI KNIGHT.

At the same time, the Sith Lord once known as Darth Polis has joined forces with the all-powerful Cryotic, their eyes set on invading the whole universe…


“I have a bad feeling about this…” Kieron said to Master Lumoshi. The two were training on Klassen to teach Kieron how to become a Jedi.

“Don’t” Lumoshi replied. “The force will guide us, and keep us safe.” Kieron nodded. “K23!” K23 came over to assist Kieron and Lumoshi. “I want you to use the force to lift him into the air.”

“What?” Kieron asked. “Why would I do that?”

“Just trust me. It will help you learn the ways of the force.”

“Ok.” Kieron closed his eyes and altered his breathing to help his concentration. He reached his hands out towards the droid to attempt to lift it. He focused really hard on it, but couldn’t do it. “It’s no use. I could only do it before because of the pressure.”

“Then you might be able to do it again if we’re in another similar situation.”

Two other Jedi trainees, Elin and Hal, ran towards Lumoshi and Kieron from behind, looking panicked. They turned to them. “Somebody save us!” Elin demanded.

Lumoshi and Kieron gave them a confused look. “Save you?” Kieron asked. “From what?”

“From…” Hal stuttered. “From….” A glowing red light appeared behind him. Hal turned round to see a Sith Lord standing behind him holding a lightsaber with his robotic hand. He was dressed in all black and had a helmet covering his face. Elin got scared and ran towards Kieron and Lumoshi for safety. The Sith Lord held his lightsaber high and swung diagonally down, cutting Hal in half. Elin started to cry and hugged Kieron as Hal’s body fell to the floor.

“Darth Polis.” Lumoshi said.

The Sith Lord walked slowly towards them. “That’s not my name anymore, Lumoshi.” He responded. “Names are for the weak. I stand strong without following your system. I am not a simple human like you and cannot be named. I am so much more than you could ever imagine!”

“Run!” Lumoshi shouted to Kieron and Elin before taking his lightsaber out and fighting the Sith Lord. Kieron and Elin ran to cover, to hide in a location where they could watch the fight but still remain in a safe spot away from him. They swung their lightsabers against each other, attacking with their full might. As the blades clashed together, Lumoshi was being pushed further backwards, struggling against the Sith Lord’s power.

The Sith Lord force pushed Lumoshi away, who fell backwards onto K23, knocking them both to the floor.

“Help him Kieron!” Elin asked.

“How? If we join in we’ll both get ourselves killed!”

“Use the force, Kieron.” She suggested. “Push him away from Lumoshi!”

Kieron nodded and once again closed his eyes to channel the force through him. He focused his mind to the Sith Lord. “This is a similar situation. I’ll be able to do it this time.” He said to himself. He pulled his hand back and then pushed it towards where the two were. Nothing happened. “Damn it.” Kieron said, throwing his arm forwards again in defeat. As he did this, he accidentally used the force on Lumoshi’s lightsaber, pushing it away from him. Elin gave Kieron a glare. “…Oops.”

The Sith Lord reached Lumoshi, and raised his lightsaber up into the air, pointing it down towards Lumoshi. As he thrust it down, Lumoshi rolled out of the way just in time, narrowly avoiding death. His lightsaber dug into K23, who let out a robotic cry of pain before his lights turned off. The Sith Lord grunted and pulled his lightsaber out of the droid. He approached Lumoshi and knelt down next to him. “Oh, the things I could do to you.” He said. Lumoshi tried to shuffle away but was too weak. The Sith Lord got up again and held his hand out, pointing towards Lumoshi. Lumoshi’s body began to rise. Lumoshi began floating above the ground and struggling to breathe. He was being force choked. He struggled for his last breaths before dying.

A TIE Fighter landed, which Cryotic got out of. The Sith Lord dropped Lumoshi’s corpse to the ground and walked towards Cryotic. They entered the TIE Fighter and flew off into a group of more TIE Fighters.

“NO!” Kieron yelled as he ran to Lumoshi’s body.

“We should try to catch them before they get away.” Elin suggested, while wiping the tears from her eyes. “If they’re both in one TIE Fighter and we destroy it, we can kill them both at once.”

“Ok.” He said, as he stood up. “The Rebel mechanics are working on a two seater X-Wing for me but they’re not finished yet, so you wait here and I’ll go off to fight.”

“Good plan.” She answered. “Make sure to come back safe for me, ok?” She kissed him on the cheek and ran away. Kieron stood still for a second thinking about what happened, before smiling and heading towards the Rebel base.

An army of X-Wings flew fast, trying to catch up to the TIE Fighters. Kieron boosted ahead of the others, determined for victory. Kingler asked him to keep calm and not be so over enthusiastic. “It’s fine!” He replied. “We just need to find out which TIE Fighter the Sith are in and destroy it! And then the galaxy will be in peace and I’ll be able to meet up with Elin again! Right, Echgo? Aren’t I right?”

“Uh… yeah.” Echgo answered.

The Rebels sped towards the TIE Fighters, about to catch up. As they almost reached their target, TIE Interceptors began speeding towards the Starfighters.

“Oh no.” Kieron muttered in defeat. “TIE Interceptors!”

The TIE Interceptors started shooting at the X-Wings. “Don’t you worry.” Kingler said. “We’ll shake them off and you go take down those Sith.”

“Ok!” Kieron replied as he flew off towards the TIE Fighters.

The TIE Interceptors aimed their laser cannons and shot towards the X-Wings. Kingler maneuvered his X-Wing back round to face his new foes. The TIE Interceptors started shooting towards the rebels, attempting to destroy them. The X-Wings managed to dodge the attacks, and returned fire with their own. One TIE Interceptor was blown up and its pieces fell from the sky.

Kieron caught up to the TIE Fighters and looked around. He was unsure which TIE Fighter the Sith were in. He locked onto one and fired, taking it straight down. The Sith Lord watched in anger as the TIE Fighter spun out of control and crashed. He took aim and shot towards Kieron’s X-Wing. It hit, but wasn’t enough to destroy the X-Wing.

The X-Wing was severely damaged, and continuing the fight would have been dangerous. K23 was no longer there to fix what he could, so Kieron would have to land and go back to the base to return to safety and to have his X-Wing fixed. The Sith Lord watched as Kieron turned his X-Wing round and headed back.

The Sith landed on Cordak, the destroyed city planet, and entered their base. The Stormtroopers saluted the two as they walked in.

“Master Lumoshi is no more.” The unnamed Sith Lord announced to the crowd. Gasps of shock were heard, followed by a collection of cheers. “It’s been a long time since Cryotic took over this planet for us, and I refuse to let our work go for nothing. The Jedi are becoming weak while we are growing powerful. We will crush them.”

The two Sith walked away as they were cheered by the Stormtroopers.

Back on Klassen, Kieron landed his almost destroyed X-Wing and got out. Once he had caught his breath, he looked up to see Elin in the distance. He ran towards her and hugged her tight.

“I didn’t manage to kill the Sith.” Kieron told Elin.

“It’s ok.” Elin assured him. “We’ll have more opportunities.”

“But I almost had them!” He exclaimed. “If only I had K23… Then I would have done it.”

“You do have him.” Elin said, as a blue astromech droid rolled next to her. It moved using a ball, similar to BB units, but had a long body.

“What?” Kieron asked.

“Most of K23’s interior components survived the stab.” Elin informed Kieron. “All we needed to do was replace his shell and now he’s good as new.” She placed her hand on top of the droid.

“This is K23?” He asked, crouching down to get a better look at it. Elin nodded in response. “K23, buddy, I missed you! I’ll go show you to our friends now.” He paused for a second. “Elin, where are Echgo and Kingler?”

“Oh…” She muttered. “I’m sorry, Kieron, but they didn’t come back.”

“Didn’t come back?”

“They were taken down by the Empire.”

Tears became visible around Kieron’s eyes, before he quickly tried to hide behind K23.

“It’s ok to cry, you don’t need to hide your tears.”

He wiped his eyes before quickly jumping up to face Elin again. “They were good men. The Empire won’t get away with this.” He bravely declared. “We’ll make them pay. We’ll make them pay for what they did, right?”

“We will. But first you must train.”

“Train? For what? I think I can handle myself.”

“Can you though?” Elin said, pointing at the X-Wing Kieron just wrecked. “These guys are strong. We both saw what happened to Master Lumoshi, and he’s not weak. Cryotic too. I lived on Cordak until him and his men destroyed it and turned it into their base. Many died, whilst all survivors they found were enslaved as Stormtroopers. That’s why I want to fight; I want to avenge my planet, but first we need to train with Master Tonka.”

“Master Tonka?”

“He’s the oldest Jedi Master in the galaxy. He used to be the best fighter when he was younger. I’m sure he could train you to become stronger.”

Kieron and Elin entered a Jedi training room, where Tonka was peacefully sitting and waiting for them, with his eyes closed. They slowly approached him.

“We’re here to see Master-”

“What do you fight for?” Tonka asked.

“What do I fight for?” Kieron repeated, hesitating before answering properly. “To destroy the Empire.”

“Why?” Tonka asked again.

“My father fought for this cause, and I want to do the same.”

“My… how much you have to learn.” Tonka teased. “I can show you. Show you why you fight.”

Kieron stared at Tonka, not fully understanding what was going on. Tonka opened his eyes, stood up and got very close to Kieron. Tonka reached his hand out to Kieron’s head, prompting Kieron to close his eyes.

Kieron felt a strong gust of wind, which he blocked by covering his face with his arms. After he dropped them, his gaze was drawn to an A-Wing flying above him. The scream of a young girl prompted Kieron to spin around to look behind him.

After he turned, he found himself on Cordak at night, surrounded by rubble created by an attack, which Kieron was witnessing again. He heard the girl screaming again, which he ran towards, only to find not a young girl, but a boy in his teens. It was Kieron when he was younger, hugging his weak father next to his crashed A-Wing. A strong woman whose face was mostly obscured by the darkness reached Kieron’s father, which caused young Kieron to crawl away in fear. The woman knelt down next to Kieron’s father, and placed her hand to his chest, whilst holding something. It was a lightsaber, which ignited through Kieron’s father’s heart. Kieron’s father let out a cry of pain. The woman responded to by pressing her finger to his lips, hushing him before getting back up and walking away. Kieron tried to run towards his father, only to trip over.

When he got back up, he found himself in the Rebel base, as a group of X-Wings were in the sky, in a battle against a group of TIE Interceptors. The words Kingler had previously said echoed in Kieron’s ears as the X-Wings were destroyed. One of the X-Wings span out of control and fell towards Kieron.

Just before it hit, Kieron saw that he was now back on Cordak. Young Kieron grabbed his father’s blaster and shot the woman. It didn’t damage her, but it made her drop her lightsaber. Young Kieron ran up to her and grabbed the lightsaber. He aggressively swung it, trying to avenge his father. The lightsaber missed, so he swung again, this time cutting off one of the woman’s legs. The woman punched him, and both Kierons fell over.

His location changed again, this time inside a room that was he was not familiar with. He was still on the floor, this time in the corner of the room. The unnamed Sith Lord stood over him, holding his lightsaber in the air, ready to attack. He swung his lightsaber down to kill Kieron, who suddenly snapped out of his vision. Kieron stumbled back, scared of what he just saw, but tried to cover his fear and appear strong.

Tonka then turned to Elin. “And you?”

Back at the main base, K23 beeped at Kieron.

“Elin’s just with Master Tonka, K23.” Kieron replied. “She’ll be back any minute.” Elin then walked up to them after finishing talking to Tonka. “Elin, I’ve spoken with the General, who commanded me to go to Cordak and finish the battle against the Empire by killing the Sith Lords.”

“Good luck.”

Kieron walked towards his recently rebuilt X-wing, and turned towards Elin before he got in. “If this goes wrong and I don’t make it back, just know…  just know that I love you.” He said.

“Oh uh…” Elin said awkwardly. “I’m not attracted to men like that.”

“You’re lesbian?” Kieron stupidly asked.

“I’m not attracted to anyone like that. I’m aromantic.”

“Oh.” Kieron said, followed by awkward silence.

The unnamed Sith Lord was in the Sith base, talking to an officer.

“Sir, we have detected that a rebel starfighter has just landed on Cordak” She said.

The unnamed Sith Lord took a few steps away and said “Kieron.”

Kieron dashed into their base, where he was confronted by Cryotic. They both looked at eachother for a second, before Cryotic activated their lightsabers.

“I know who you are.” Kieron proclaimed.

“You do?” Cryotic asked. “Who am I?”

Kieron’s grip tightened around his lightsaber. “You are… You are the woman who killed my father!” He screamed, charging towards her. He turned his lightsaber on and swung it at her.

She defended herself with hers, but Kieron’s attack was so strong it knocked her to the floor. As she landed, her helmet fell off, revealing her face. Kieron was right. It was her.

She force pushed Kieron away, and stood up. Now Kieron was the one on the floor. Cryotic started spinning one of her lightsabers around, which she then threw at Kieron. Kieron caught her lightsaber whilst it was flying towards him and jumped back up. Kieron swung his lightsaber at Cryotic, which she defended herself against with her own. Kieron then swung the lightsaber he got from her, which she jumped away from. She ran around Kieron to attack him from behind. Despite having only one of her lightsabers, she fought well enough that she was dominant in the fight. Her strength pushed Kieron back as they fought.

They stopped fighting, as Kieron caught his breath and Cryotic walked away.

“Did you forget about me?” A menacing voice said from behind Kieron.

Kieron turned around to see that it was the unnamed Sith Lord. He nodded and turned back round to go fight Cryotic.

“Idiot!” The Sith Lord shouted. “I am the one you should face.”

Kieron looked back at him, as Cryotic used the opportunity to escape. The Sith Lord held his hand out again pointing towards Kieron. He used the force to pull Kieron towards him, making Kieron drop both lightsabers. The Sith Lord grabbed Kieron’s throat. He turned around to face the corner of the room, where he threw Kieron to the ground.

The unnamed Sith Lord stood above Kieron. “Pathetic” he said “This is all you’ve got? Lumoshi would be disappointed in your weakness.”

Kieron began to cry. The unnamed Sith Lord ignited his lightsaber and raised it into the air.

“Goodbye, pest.” The Sith Lord said.

“This is where it ends.” Kieron whispered to himself, with his eyes closed. “I’ve failed everyone. My father, Lumoshi, Echgo and Kingler, Elin…” Kieron opened his eyes. “Elin?” Just as the Sith Lord was ready to swing his lightsaber down to kill Kieron, Kieron noticed Elin behind the Sith Lord.

Elin ignited her lightsaber, stabbing the Sith Lord through the heart, saving Kieron from his death. The Sith Lord’s corpse dropped to the floor.

“Are you ok?” Elin asked, holding her hand out to help him off the ground.

“Uh… yeah.” Kieron answered, quickly wiping his eyes and standing up by himself. “Just peachy.” They walked towards Kieron’s lightsaber, picked it up and then proceeded to walk away. “Hey, how did you get here?”

“X-Wing.” She replied.

“You can fly an X-Wing?”

“Yeah, and clearly better than you as I didn’t get caught.”

“At least I fight better.”

“You sure about that? Look at this mess I just saved you from.”

“Hmm… maybe not then.”

A few days later, a ceremony was taking place at the Rebel base. Kieron was called to the podium, where he was given a medal and prompted to give a speech.

“Thank you,” he said “but I do not deserve this praise.” He walked into the crowd. “The person who really deserves it is Elin.” He found Elin in the crowd. “She fought bravely, like every Jedi should aim to. Elin is the one who killed him, and the reason I am still alive today.” He took off the medal and placed it around Elin’s neck. He looked into her eyes. “Elin is the true hero.”

The crowd cheered, and celebrated.


  • Kieron - A Rebel Resistance Pilot who is a expert in flying and attacking TIE Fighters, who also is now a Jedi, after remembering his past.
  • Echgo - A Jawa who is a Desert Scavenger and now a Rebel Resistance Pilot with the ability to speak different languages and has an experience in building, fixing and flying ships.
  • Jedi Master Lumoshi - A Jedi Master who went in the shadows, who is now back after almost defeating Cryotic and Darth Polis and was the one who taught Terraria Bosswaker to become a Jedi.
  • (NEW CHARACTER) Elin -  An inexperienced human training to be a Jedi, with more power than she is aware of. She grew up on Cordak and witnessed the Empire destroy her home town.
  • (NEW CHARACTER) Hal - An inexperienced human training to be a Jedi who dies shortly after, trying to fight a sith lord.
  • (NEW CHARACTER) Master Tonka - The oldest Jedi master in the galaxy. He has many years of experience and is strong with the force and can create force visions.
  • Commander Kingler - A Rebel Resistance Pilot who is the leader and commander of the pilot fighters and the best pilot in the Rebel Resistance.
  • K23 - A Droid who looks like R2-D2 who has been abandoned by his previous Owner and been alone and on Standby mode for a while and got fixed and got given a new makeover to function better.
  • Darth Polis - A Sith Lord who has plans to destroy the Rebel Resistance, whos been given a upgrade by Sith Lord Cryotic.
  • Sith Lord Cryotic - A Sith Lord who has been alone and came back from the dead after a fight with the Jedi Master, which he lost so he finds a way to find him and kill him and now is teaming up with Darth Polis to destroy the entire Galaxy.

Credit to Who

  • Poliskanin - Making some of the new characters and writing the plot, along with coming up for the title.
  • Thektdude - For making the page and the logo.
  • Everyone else - For giving out ideas of Characters from Episode I.

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