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Star Wars Battlefront: Awakening
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Developer(s) Hyperspace Games Logo
Publisher(s) LucasArtsLogo
Platform(s) PC
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Wii U
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan May 25, 2016
25px-Flag of USA May 25, 2016
25px-Flag of Europe May 25, 2016
25px-Flag of Australia May 25, 2016
Local Multiplayer
Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action Shooter
Media Included Game Disc

Star Wars Battlefront: Awakening is an upcoming action shooter video game, and the first in the Star Wars: Battlefront series to be developed by Hyperspace Games, rather than EA DICE. The game, based on the entire Star Wars franchise, is the fourth major release in the Battlefront line of games, and an indirect sequel to the EA DICE reboot installment. It takes elements from every Battlefront game before it, and packs content in from every film, including material from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels and the Expanded Universe. The game is set to be globally released on the 25th of May in 2016, exactly thirty-nine years since the release of the original Star Wars film.



Players can explore expansive environments that are true to the films.

Star Wars Battlefront: Awakening, being an action game, can be played via the use of either first-person or third-person view. This can be switched throughout playtime whenever the player desires. Battles, which are the main factor of the game as a whole, are split into two categories; Land Assault Battles (which are basically set on the surface of planets or inside of ships/vessels), and Tactical Space Battles. Throughout Land Assault Battles, players traverse through countless environments taken directly from the franchise, examples including planets such as Tatooine, The Forest Moon of Endor, Hoth, and Naboo. Some planets, however, have multiple maps themed around different locations on their surfaces.

In order to navigate the set map, players can choose to travel by foot, or use an animal or vehicle as transport, like AT-ATs or Dewbacks. Locations that were used to film planet locations in the movies are 3D-Mapped in order to re-create the exact same areas and landscape, though this is not the case for fully CGI planets like Mustafar or Geonosis. Some ground battles take place inside of ships or space stations, examples for this include the Death Star, the Malevolence, and a Star Destroyer. Space battles utilize space ships that are from the films, and require the destruction of a certain point or another objective to complete the match.

Throughout ground based battles, the player can choose 'what to be', so to speak. For example, choices for the Galactic Empire include being either a normal Stormtrooper or a Scout Trooper (there are more), each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Different weapons, gear, and abilities are all present and are all customizeable to great lengths. As new weapons are unlocked, players have the choice to share, trade, and/or sell them to other teammates, or anyone who is their confirmed friend in the game. Zooming in on targets is a returning feature; once again replacing the 'iron sights' found in the previous entries.

Land Assault Battles and Tactical Space Battles can be played from the point of view of two opposing sides in three different eras in the canon Star Wars timeline. This is split up into The Clone Wars (The Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance), The Galactic Civil War (The Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance), and the First Order-Resistance Conflict (The First Order and The Resistance). Each group contains designated weapons, roles, ranks and special characters that are exclusive to them. The ability to control famous faces like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker returns, along with 'taunts' (aka, special actions).

A completely new feature is also introduced, called 'Droid Companions'. This sees the use of bringing in three different customizeable droids of your choice into battle, that can help you sort out and complete different tasks, and just generally help you amidst a battle. They can only be brought out during Land Assault Battles. A more informative description of this feature can be found below.

Planets & Maps

The following is a list of planets seen in Star Wars Battlefront: Awakening and the maps found on them.

TatooineSWBTatooine Jundland Wastes
Mos Eisley Spaceport
Mos Espa
Jabba's Palace
Boonta Eve Classic
Beggar's Canyon
Raider's Camp
Rebel Depot
Dune Sea Exchange
Jawa Refuge
HothSWBHoth Echo Base
Hoth Snow Camp
Ice Caves
ForestMoonSWBThe Forest Moon Of Endor Endor Shield Generator
Bright Tree Village
Imperial Station
Swamp Crash Side
SullustSWBSullust Sulfur Fields
Sullust Factories
Imperial Hangar
Sorosuub Centroplex
BespinSWBBespin Cloud City
Tibanna Gas Platforms
DeathStarSWBThe Death Star Death Star Interior
Star Destroyer Docking Bay
DeathStar2The Death Star II Death Star II Interior
DeathStar2SWBDagobah Dagobah Swamps
Dark Side Cave
Yavin4SWBYavin 4 Yavin Rebel Base
Jungle Temple Camp
Arena Ruins
AlderaanSWBAlderaan Triplehorn Mountains
CoruscantSWBCoruscant Galactic City
The Jedi Temple
Senate Building
The Underworld
Manarai Mountains
NabooSWBNaboo Theed
Gunga City
Nabooian Grasslands
Virus Bunker
GeonosisSWBGeonosis Dust Plains
Weapons Factory
Petranaki Arena
Geonosian Catacombs
Fortress Wall
KaminoSWBKamino Tipoca City
Cloning Facility
KashyyykSWBKashyyyk Beachhead
Kashyyyk Forest
Wookiee Tree Tops
UtapauSWBUtapau Sinkhole
Upper Sinkhole
Pau City
MustafarSWBMustafar Refinery
Volcanic Falls
Black Sun Fortress
Accounting Facility
MygeetoSWBMygeeto Lurmen Bridge
Banking Clan Building
FeluciaSWBFelucia Exotic Jungle
Nysillin Farm
Imperial Outpost
CatoNeimoidiaSWBCato Neimoidia Bridge City
Neimoidian Vault
SaleucamiSWBSaleucami Trading Post
Droid Crash Site
Cut's Homestead
ChristophsisSWBChristophsis Crystalline Battlefield
Separatist Shield Generator
RylothSWBRyloth Brightlands
Twi'lek Settlement
MorabandMoraband Valley Of The Dark Lords
Sith Temple
Execution Chamber
KuatKuat Kuat Drive Yards
Kuat City
Wild Mesas
AntarSWBThe Dead Moon Of Antar Barren Lands
Malevolence Remains
MandaloreSWBMandalore Sundari
Mandalorian Desert
House Of Death Watch
ConcordiaConcordia Beskar Mining Facility
Mining Survival Camp
Death Watch Hangar
RodiaSWBRodia Rodia Palace
Rodian Swamplands
LothalSWBLothal Capital City
Lothal Jedi Temple
Old Republic Senate Building
Ezra's Hideout
Lothal Grasslands
KesselSWBKessel Spice Mine K76
Imperial Operation Base
Lush Sanctuary
CorelliaSWBCorellia Doaba Guerfel
Nomad Mountains
Vreni Island
Labor Valley
MonCalamariSWBMon Calamari Mon Cala
Calamari Reef
SholaSWBShola Shola Catacombs
Magma Mine Systems
Surface Front
IlumSWBIlum Polar Surface
Crystal Caves
Ilum Jedi Temple
DantooineSWBDantooine Jedi Enclave
Agro Outpost
Dantooine Rebel Base
Khoonda Plains
Rakatan Temple
JakkuSWBJakku Graveyard Of Giants
Goazon Badlands
Niima Outpost
Tuanul Village

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