Star Wars: Spirit of the Order
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Divison
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) NX, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Linux
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
T (Violence, Mild Suggestive Dialogue)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Stealth.
Series Star Wars Gaming Universe
Predecessor Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Star Wars: Spirit of the Order is an action-adventure/stealth game released across multiple platforms on May 28, 2019; continuing the side stories in the Star Wars universe, it tells the story of a single Jedi that escaped the Great Jedi Purge who ends up being a major pain in the Empire's machine.


While the cast is somewhat limited, being set after Revenge of the Sith, Spirit of the Order promises a consistent main cast. Taking place in an alternative era to other stories (like Rebels, the Force Unleashed), it follows the adventures of a small band of brothers that becomes a team famed throughout the Galaxy, by both Imperials and Rebels alike.

Character Voice Actor Storyrole
Jaren Salorie Matthew Mercer When he was just 7, young Jedi Padawan Jaren witnessed the downfall of the Jedi Order and the dawn of the Empire; escaping with a Holocron that contained all the training he needed to become a Knight, Jaren later obtained the iconic lightsaber of the late Mace Windu before getting some assistance from a sympathetic senator for Correlia.

Now it's the age of the Empire; older, better-trained and wielding Mace's amethyst lightsaber with extreme proficiency, Jaren now leads a ragtag group of heroes against the Empire, who would eventually help in leading to the downfall of the Emperor.

Karrabac None A Wookie slave used to create the Death Star, Karry used to be one of the fiercest Wookie warriors of all time; Chewbacca and Tarfful were one of his most trusted companions before Karry was shipped off to the Geonosian orbit to make the greatest superweapon of the Empire. But when he was to be executed in the deserts of Tatooine for his attempted insurrections, Karry was saved by the efforts of Jaren and a makeshift droid rescue team. Now he fights in Jaren's rebellion, and does so with great efficiency, often tearing apart Stormtroopers with just his claws.
Mina Eclipse Ali Hallis

Born and raised on Mandalore, Mina Eclipse developed a talent for thievery and acrobatics, as well as finding a way out of any situation, whether that being surrounded by Stormtroopers or trapped in an "inescapable" vault.

Jaren sought her out to probe Imperial secrets for the Rebellion, but she eventually decided to stick with the group, as she "felt sorry" for them.

Wrecker Temuera Morrison

Part of the very first batch of Clone Anti-troopers, CT-380-3037, better known by his nickname "Wrecker", was part of an Anti-trooper army made after the original DNA of Jango Fett, though bred much more efficiently than most of the original Stormtroopers; while most Anti-troopers are about basic ground unit combat, Wrecker seems to prefer heavy firepower to most, as his usual weapons consist of a chaingun, a T3-E grade Rocket Launcher, specialized EMP launchers, Mortar Launchers, Thermal Detonators, Mines, and Remote Detonation Packs.

Though his original squadron was wiped out and he was separated from the rest of the Anti-troopers, Wrecker now fights against the Stormtroopers in Jaren's band of friends.

"Fives" (Proto-Unit 555) James Spader

The first and only Proto-Unit style Battle Droid, Proto-Unit 501, aka "Fives", was created from various parts: Darth Maul's cybernetic legs (yes, Clone Wars exists in this timeline), General Grievous's old frame for a body, and plenty of weaponry from older droid classes: Wrist Rockets like the Supers, temporary force fields like the Destroyers, Vibroblade weapons like the Commandos, even the Magnaguard's heavy-duty weapons like the handheld-but-powerful Bulldog-RLR. While programmed for war, Fives has thought patterns of a different wavelength so to speak. And he intends to reveal that wavelength to the New Republic.

Fives fights alongside Jaren to ensure victory in the coming war.

Gizor Delso None

A former Separatist and captain, the Geonosian survivor Gizor Delso managed to escape destruction on Mustafar by leaving prematurely when he saw the future Darth Vader's shuttle approach (as he knew what was coming) even taking a new prototype battle droid design that would bring Fives into existence.

With nowhere else to go, Gizor sides with Jaren's rebellion in hopes of seeing his species into the New Republic, ready to use his twin Lrik-model blaster pistols to fight any Stormtrooper throughout the grounds and skies. 


Coruscant: Dawn of the Empire

The game opens in a Padawan training room in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, with Jaren sitting in among other Youngling Padawans; suddenly, blasterfire breaks out in the nearby room, with Jaren quickly seeing to go what's going on; the main hall of the main temple was erupted in chaos: members of the 501st Legion were gunning down Jedi after Jedi as part of Order 66, with Darth Vader (pre-armor) cutting down the untrained Padawans like grass. Knowing that, despite even his best efforts, there was little he could do, Jaren then planned to meet up with Master Yoda, but first, he had to escape the Temple. Taking the ventilation shafts, he made his way to the Temple's outer courtyard, where he had to sneak past squads of Clone Troopers, and disappear into the crowd outside the temple; walking his way through the back alleys of Coruscant, he discovered a lightsaber in one alley; igniting it, he recognized it as the amethyst lightsaber of Mace Windu, the most respected master on the council, besides Master Yoda. Knowing what it meant, he broke down crying; hearing a voice from behind him ask why he was crying, he turned to see Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan, and told him what happened. Senator Organa then took him to meet the Senator of Correlia, who took Jaren in as his own son to raise him. He then showed his newfound adopted father the holocron he took from the Jedi temple.

Tatooine: Stay of Execution

Flash forward about 13 years later, on the planet Tatooine, a squadron of Imperial Troops accompany an officer to the Mos Eisley Spaceport, with them leading a rather large silver-haired Wookie out to the central part of town (Imperial prisoner executions were common in Mos Eisley, mainly because they could chain the prisoner to a post in the town square without worry that anyone would help them and that they could leave them alone for the bulk of the day to sweat as extra punishment before the execution); this Wookie, known as Karrabac, is left sweating and being mocked by passers-by, but is later freed by a grown-up Jaren, who found his way to Tatooine in search of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

(More Coming Soon)

Dagobah: Training with the Master

Mandalore: A Royal Heist

Kamino: Changing of the Guard

Yavin 4: Revenge of the Empire

Asteroid Belt: Enemies in the Rocks

Hoth: The Battle of the Century

Endor: Rise of the Republic

Naboo: The Finest Hours



For individual character controls, see Controls.

Core Controls


Name Threat Level Description
Stormtrooper Low
Tusken Raider Low
Shock Trooper Low
Imperial Commando Medium
Dark Trooper Medium
Death Watch Guard Medium
Scout Trooper Medium
Imperial Marine Medium
Imperial Knight High


Name Chapter Description
Tusken Raider Assasin Tatooine
Marr Vizsla Mandalore
Boba Fett Kamino
Black Hole Commando Death Star
Darth Vader Yavin 4
AT-AT Hoth
Grand Moff Jerjerrod Naboo


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  • Darth Vader Boss Fight
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