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Star Wars: Knight of the Light
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division, Red Fly.
Platform(s) NX, Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation Neo.
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Age Rating(s)
M, Pegi 18 (Strong Violence, Some Sexual Content)

Star Wars: Knight of the Light is an action-adventure game released for the NX, Xbox Scorpio; set almost 2 centuries after Return of the Jedi, it tells the story of one Jedi who was left after Darth Krayt's reign of terror wiped out all the hard work that Luke and the other Jedi had spent years working on. This "Shadow Knight" would work from the... well, the shadows, to finally deconstruct and destroy Krayt's Sith Empire and his new "Rule of One".


Main Cast

Name Species Description
"Shadow Knight" Human

A Jedi exiled from the Order hours before it was destroyed by Krayt and his Sith army, this "Shadow Knight" was the most versatile of the Order, having the Lightsaber skills of a Guardian, the Force attunement of the Consular and the technical prowess of the Sentinel, all rolled into one powerful opponent. Due to his skill in the Sentinel trait, he was able to hide from Krayt's Order for years, until now, finally emerging to restore order to the universe and balance to the Force.

Darth Talon Twi'lek

Haunted by visions of Darth Bane warning her of Krayt's unreliability, Talon left her master's side for fear of being on the wrong end of Bane's wrath; she is now standing with the so-called "Shadow Knight" in his crusade against the One Sith Order, and hoping to restore the Sith to their former status - with the "Shadow Knight" as her apprentice.

The Sith Empire

Name Species Lightsaber Type Sith Title Description
Darth Krayt Human Standard Sith Lightsaber The Master
Darth Shredd Gammorean Lightclub  The Brute
Lightwhip The Thief
Darth Malicy Trandoshan Lighttrident The Hunter
Darth Razer Utapauan Spinning-bladed Saberstaff The Inquisitor
Darth Krell Besalisk Twin-collapsible Doublesabers The Warrior
Lightstriker The Knight
Lightspear The Assassin
Lightpike The Plague




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