Star Wars: Battlefield III
Developer(s) Free Radical
Publisher(s) LucasArts
Platform(s) Wii U


Xbox 360

Release Date(s)
USA- December 14th, 2013

Europe- Decemeber 17th, 2013

Japan- December 17th, 2013

Austrailia- Janurary 2nd, 2014





Age Rating(s)

PEGI- 12+

Genre(s) Shooter, Action
Media Included Wii U Disc

PS3 Disc

Xbox 360 Disc

Star Wars: Battlefront III is a first/third person shooter game based on the Star Wars series. It is the sequel to Star Wars: Battlefront II. The player controls troopers on the ground, air, and sea. Players also can control heroes and villains from the series.


Gameplay is similar to Battlefront II, as troopers run across the battlefield and shoot at enemy troops. The goal of the battle is to kill all the enemy troops. Troop numbers can be adjusted by the player before the battle. Ships are positioned on the battlefield and troops can board them and shoot from the sky or travel to space. In space, the goal is to bring down the enemy flagship. This is achieved by shooting at key points on the flagship or boarding it to sabotage it. By bringing down the flagship, 50 enemy troops are killed. Instead of one campaign, there are four different campaigns.



Name Description Times
Mustafar: Lava Sea This map takes place on the Mustafar surface near a lava river. The ground may catch on fire if a Thermal Detonator is thrown on it. Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars; Galactic Civil War (GCW)
Mustafar: Mining Facility The same Mustafar map from Battlefront II, this map now has more rooms. Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars; GCW
Coruscant: Streets Fight on the streets of Coruscant! Players can travel to the underlevels and fight there and in the bar from Attack of the Clones. Clone Wars; GCW
Death Star II: Interior Inside the Death Star II, players can travel to different rooms. If a player is on the CIS or Rebel team, Royal Guards may attack you. GCW
Alderaan: Fields Players fight in a grassy field with flowers and hills. If the battle is taking place in the Galatic Civil War, the Death Star can be seen. Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars
Geonosis: Spire Returning from Battlefront, this map has sections from the Battlefront II map attached to it. Clone Wars; GCW
Yavin 4 This map is the biggest in the game and is a combination of Temple and Arena from previous games. As a result, it has the smallest space area. Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars; GCW
Bespin: Cloud City Returning from Battlefront unchanged. Clone Wars; GCW
Tatooine: Mos Espa Returning from Battlefront unchanged. Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars; GCW
Kamino: Cloning Facility Returning from Battlefront II unchanged. Clone Wars; GCW
Hoth: Echo Base Returning from Battlefront II unchanged. Clone Wars; GCW
Hoth: Wampa Cave This new map is set inside a large Wampa cave. Hostile Wampas roam the map, attacking anyone in sight. A snowy field is accesible outside the cave. Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars; GCW
Kashyyyk: Rocky Island This island is uneven and has a wooden ship dock. There is a stone tower and a bridge to another basic island. Wookie vechiles are avalible in the map. Clone Wars; GCW
Naboo: Theed This is a new map of Theed, modeled after The Phantom Menace. In the Galactic Civil War, a crashed TIE Bomber can be found in the plaza. Clone Wars; GCW
Bailihus: Mystical Mountain This new planet is full of strange hostile native creatures. The planet's mystical energy allows weapons to be customized any time. Landscapes include a building and a tower. Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars; GCW
Trade Federation Star Cruiser This giant ship flys above the planet of Rhen Var, although the planet is not avalible to players. Clone Wars


Name Description Times
Raxus Prime: Junk Temple From The Force Unleashed, players fight in a junk Jedi Temple. Hostile Junk Warriors roam around the map. GCW
TIE Fighter Construction Facility Also from The Force Unleashed, players fight in a TIE Fighter facility. It is only playable in Galactic Civil War. Clone Wars; GCW
Tatooine: Mos Eisley Returning from Battlefront II unchanged. Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars; GCW
Geonosis: Arena This giant arena is in Geonosis and houses hostile Ackley. It is similar to Battlefront's Arena. Clone Wars
Endor Returning from Battlefront II unchanged, except for one AT-AT in the map. Clone Wars; GCW
Rhen Var: Harbor Returning from Battlefront unchanged.

Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars; GCW

Mavolence: Interior This giant ship has the firepower to destroy entire fleets of enemies. Fighting inside this ship is dangerous with traps and hazards, such as an electrical floor powered by pulling a lever. Clone Wars


Name Description Times
Deep Space In Deep Space, players fight without any planets in sight. Pre-Clone Wars; Clone Wars; GCW
Death Star II: Exterior Outside the Death Star II, fleets clash. It is only playable in the Galactic Civil War.  GCW
Mavolence: Exterior Outside the Mavolence, the battle rages on. Avoid the Mavolence's large laser. It is only playable in the Clone Wars. Clone Wars



Mode Description
Campaign Players play though Campaigns (Also avalible on Multiplayer or Online Mode).
Instant Action Players fight in selected maps (Also avalible on Multiplayer or Online Mode). Hunt Mode and Capture the Flag also returns.
Conquest Players fight in a Conquest for total control (Also avalible on Multiplayer or Online Mode).
Deathmatch A new mode, players fight in a single game which Command Posts are permanant and cannot be taken. There are no teams. The only way to win is to destroy all enemy forces. Heroes are no avalible on this mode (also avalible on Multiplayer or Online Mode).
Team Deathmatch This is Deathmatch where three groups of five fight each other. The first group to 50 kills wins. Heroes are no avalible on this mode (Also avalible on Multiplayer or Online Mode).
Good vs. Evil (Part of Instant Action) Tweaked from Battlefront II, Good vs. Evil allows players to fight as Heroes agaisnt Villains. It is also avalible on all the maps in the game (Also avalible in Multiplayer or Online Mode).
Search and Destroy (Part of Instant Action) This new mode lets one half of players hiding and the other half trying to find and kill them. If the hiding team survives for 5 minutes, they win. If not, they lose. Heroes are not avalible in this mode (Also avalible on Multiplayer or Online Mode).
Juggernaut (Part of Instant Action) In the beginning, one player is chosen to be the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut has higher health and damage, so he/she is harder to kill. Once killed, the other player is chosen to be the Juggernaut along with the first. If the first or second Juggernaut is killed by a third player, he/she is also chosen. But there can only be three Juggernauts. If the first/second/third Juggernaut is then killed by another player, the player becomes the first/second/third Juggernaut. This repeats for five minutes. The three Juggernauts then fight each other until one is left, the winner. Heroes cannot be used in this mode (Also avalible in Multiplayer or Online Mode).
Infinite This is a mode where there are infinite reinforcements (Also avalible in Multiplayer or Online Mode).


  • Players choose an era and side. Their side is sent to the strange world of Bailihus to investigate a mystical building. When entered, the door locks behind them. The two sides meet, but before war starts, a native creature attacks, which is killed. The teams form together to take on the new threat.
  • With each Round, enemies become stronger and more smart. If a soldier is killed, they must wait to respawn in the next Round. If everyone is killed in one Round, they begin back at Round 1 again. There are 202 Rounds total, with 202 being where players roam Bailihus to escape. At the ending, the player is running from creatures but trips, and the camera begins to static, as if the player was watching a film made by the player's character. A soldier from the other team helps the player up as they run towards a Bailihusian starship. The camera then completly statics, leaving the ending unknown.

New Features


  • Holding the Thermal Detonator blows you up.
  • A new class, the Orbital Commander, appears. The Oribital Commander has weak weapons, but when the Orbital Strike is fully charged, the Orbital Commander can command the strike to hit a general area from the ground.
  • Another new class, the Medic, appears. When a soldier is wounded, he can call for a Medic. The "injured soldier" icon on the HUD is flashing red. The Medic runs to the soldier and uses his Revive tool. Medics cannot revive enemy troops. The Medic also has weaker weapons then usual.
  • When destroyed by a thermal detonator or mine, ragdoll psyhics activate.
  • A new Credits system is added, such as for capturing Command Points, killing enemies, or winning battles. Credits can be taken away for losing a battle.
  • A new customizable weapon feature is added. In certain parts of a level, the player can stop and customize their weapon, such as dual-firing, longer range, or the ability to shoot a Thermal Detonator from the gun. For Jedi/Sith, they can customize their lightsaber type and color. However, this consumes Credits.
  • A new Level system is added. Players get Experience for every Command Post captured, enemy killed, winning battles, or completing a Campaign level. With enough Experience, players level up, winning Credits and unlocking customizations and Campaigns.
  • When a Command Post is taken, CPU troops around you make angry statements about the battle.
  • Players can adjust the characters voice and make custom lines for their characters.
  • If a player is out of ammo, they can fight using their hands.
  • The music of a battle can be switched during a battle using the pause menu.


  • Thermal Detonators do damage to the area, but does not affect gameplay.
  • If the player runs into a climbable wall, an animation shows the character climbing the wall.
  • The Sharpshooter/Sniper's HUD can detect obstacles.
  • The Vechicle Repairer droid reappers from Battlefront.
  • When a soldier dies, they drop their weapon. Other soldiers can swap their weapon for the fallen soldier's weapon.
  • After being caught in an explosion, the victim catches on fire.


  • The Orbital Strike from Elite Squadrant reappears in Battlefront III.
  • When a key flagship part is destroyed, the ship shakes and soldiers inside fall.
  • The "Follow me" and "Get away" command works in space, and players and the CPU can fight as a squadrant.
  • If a flagship is being destroyed, players and the CPU can use escape pods to escape.
  • CIS flagships do not have Life Support, but instead a Central Control Computer.
  • In a hangar, ships hover, removing the fear of crashing in the hangar.
  • Ships can fire their weapons in the hangar.
  • The Pilot class gets an "eject" option, where they leap out of their ships high in the battlefield and hovers down, useful for getting on top of flagships.
  • The hangar is now larger.
  • CPU can now land their ships in the hangar independly.
  • A new flagship feature is the jammers, which jams the enemy side's map for two minutes and one minute to recharge.


  • Boba Fett gets a Jetpack Missile.
  • Jango Fett gets a grappling hook.


  • Online mode holds up to 30 players for handheld users, 75 players for console users, 80 for the Wii U, and up to 90 for PC users.
  • Players can form a Guild and chat outside of battles in Online Mode. Guilds hold up to 45 players and a Guild Clash can be formed between two Guilds, where two Guilds fight. The Guild that wins earns Credits and Experience.
  • Players can make their own maps and are avalible to download online.

Level System

XP is given by doing certain tasks and are used to level up.

XP Rewards

Task Reward
Completing a Campaign mission (First time) 750 to 900 XP
Completing a Campaign mission (Second and forward time) 600 XP
Killing a Player 70 XP
Getting an Assist 25 XP
Defusing a Mine 30 XP
Killing a Hero/Villain 500 XP
Capturing a Command Post 115 XP
Capturing a Flag 40 XP
Returning a Flag 120 XP
Killing a Juggernaut 170 XP

Destroying an enemy Flagship part

100 XP (100 more for each part you destroy)
Destroying the final enemy Flagship part 250 XP
Repairing a Vehicle/Flagship part 100 XP


  • Private- Levels 1-10
  • Sergeant- Levels 11-21
  • Lieutenant- Levels 22-40
  • Commando- Levels 41-56
  • Captain- Levels 57-74
  • Commander- Levels 75-99
  • General- Levels 100-137
  • Advanced Recon Commando- Levels 138-156
  • Grand Admiral- Levels 157 onwards

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