Star Vixen is a spinoff of Star Fox. Takes place after Star Fox: Command. In this, Krystal and Fox have married. After the young Marcus is born, Fox goes missing. The Star Fox is declared MIA. Hoping to conduct a search, she gathers up 9 female friends, and also allies with a male Russian (almost old) from Earth. The Inter-Russian Empire now wants the blood of the traitor. This is the first Star Fox game to be M rated, due to breast showings, blood and swearing (mostly in Russian).


Like Star Fox Assault, the game mostly ground missions like in Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. There is also melee hand-to-hand gameplay. Unlike SF:Assault, players can rifle butt enemies. In flight missions, there is also a helicopter to pilot.

There are also side missions that are in the form of 2D games using Yamaha YM2151 and OKI6295.


1984, Russian major Demitri Yavchenko (Gary Oldman) was working for a mining company in Central Russia. He had been contempt with the way his people had to live under communist rules. Suddenly, one of Demitri's constant abusers, Viktor Rasputin is one of the suspected of being alien in disguise. Suspicions are checked when Viktor goes to the women's bathroom, does womanly exercises, and reads through the Asian histories, even the Russian ones. Viktor also entered Yavchenko's office, under threats not to and left a note with the signer "K". One night, Viktor follows Demitri to a bar while he is having a drink and shows something never seen by his worker prey before, a feminine British accent, during a discussion over the troubles the major had.

Finally, a blood test is given to 5 of the workers of the mine. 6 individuals in Russian safety gear watch the test, while concealing their faces and other body parts. 3 guards test the workers. While blood is drawn, Demitri sights a patch of blue hair popping from Viktor's left hand. When Viktor is the fourth to be tested, he is unmasked in a grisly manner, similar to The Thing as panic ensues. As the guards testing try to stop mutation, "Viktor" has blue fur become visible under "his" skin, fakes eyes fall out of "him", a blue tail pierces out from behind "him", ear grow under "his" head, "his" mouth goes wide as an ordinary fox's, and breasts grow under "his" shirt. "Viktor" frees "himself" as "his" arms and ropes fall down and the free arms are revealed to be arms with blue fur. A guard pulls off the "Viktor" mask and the men are killed. Demitri examines the woman and she tells him that she is not of Russian origin. She is Krystal, vixen of Cerinia, and now Krystal has started Star Vixen. 6 of her teammates reveal themselves. They are anthropomorphic animals from Lylat. Demitri incites a riot and the heroes kill many Russians with guns. An adventure has now begun for Krystal and her allies.


  • Krystal: The main protagonist of the game and leader of Star Vixen. She is first played in the training mission. When Fox goes missing, Krystal starts her team to find her original team. She is one of the two playables in story mode. (voiced by Alesia Glidewell)
  • Demitri Yavchenko: Secondary protagonist. Contempt with the communist life, Yavchenko has interest in Asian culture (preferably Chinese and Japanese). Although he is old, it does not stop him form fighting alongside Krystal. He is the other playable character in the story. (voiced by Gary Oldman)
  • Katt Monroe: Teammate of Star Vixen. Cocky and often has more time romantically with Krystal. (voiced by Wendee Lee)
  • Fara Phoenix: Teammate of Star Vixen. Former lover of Fox who gave up his love for him. Joins with Krystal to help find him. (voiced by Jodi Benson)
  • Miyu: Teammate of Star Vixen. Lover of Fay. Tomboy and ace of the the all-girls team. (Voiced by Karen Strassman)
  • Fay: Teammate of Star Vixen. Lover of Miyu. Cheerful and the cutest member of the team. (Voiced by Cindy Robinson)
  • Gen. Arkady Sergeyevich: Main antagonist. Is first introduced when he meets Demitri and his abuser Viktor Rasputin at a bar, suspecting Viktor to be an alien. (voiced by Steven Berkhoff)
  • Col. Yalanhir: Antagonist communist. Based in Somalia. Runs guns for the communist party and heads a local militia. (Voiced by Beau Billingslea)
  • Lisa Yimenu: Antagonist communist. Based in Ethiopia. Secretly ships drugs to unpleasant Russians. Preparing for war on all of Africa. (Voiced by Kath Soucie)
  • Ren Zhang: Antagonist communist. Based in China. Disallows demonstrations against the communists, and doesn't want parades on his property. (voiced by Jin Hyong)
  • Orleon Joubert: Antagonist communist. Based in Benin. Controls the casinos and arcades in Benin like a greedy madman. (voiced by Keith Silverstein)
  • Istvan Kadar: Antagonist communist. Based in Hungary. Former Nazi ally turned black market girl seller. (voiced by Richard Epcar)


Opening Cinematic

  • Demitri's voice:Long long years ago, a dreadful nightmare known as Communism started in my lovely home country of Russia. The Tsar Nicholas II had expunged his former friend Rasputin. But then, a mad man came into his home.

We are taken to an image of Tsar Nicholas II and his family being murdered by Yakov Yurovsky and his men.

  • Demitri's voice:Yakov's men brought the Tsar and his lovely family to their basement, and then the Tsar was exterminated. That was pure genocide for all the good in Russia.

Archived footage of Stalin is shown next.

  • Demitri's voice:I used to be a good fan of Joseph Stalin as a young kid. My family also believed Stalin to be a hero. That was proven when we wiped Hitler and the German army from existence. Things gave me a dreadful turn later.

A photo of Demitri firing on South Vietnamese soldiers women and children is shown as gunshots and panic is heard. His men are also seen with him.

  • Demitri's voice:In the Vietnam war, at first I felt well mannered as I shoot our enemy, the southern part of Vietnam. In that time, I began to discover Asian culture, even their music and people. But I eventually began to distrust Communisim, they were merciless to women and children.

We are then shown a picture of the Coal Mining Diggers Company with Demitri in a white suit.

  • Demitri's voice:For my hatred for the ways of Communism, I was dishonorably discharged. They forced me into a mining company, which I did not like. But sooner or later, I'm gonna be seeing something no man has ever been shown before...

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