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The crew or sometimes called Star Team Star Team is an adventurer crew roam the galaxies and planets , they are in - time to the planet to Pop Capyville and head to the planet Fushima (planet full of surprises and dangers ) .

Members are not other than the famous hero of Nintendo as Mario , Kirby, Pikachu , ect ...


- Meta (head of the crew, ate the fruit magical )

- Meta Knight ( Sabreur and second - crew chief )

- Lucario ( Fighting and second - crew chief , ate the fruit of the will )

- Licia ( Sailor and second chief of the crew, ate the fruit of the transformation )

- Kirby (Special Lieutenant, ate the fruit of gobble - gobbles )

- Pikachu (Special Lieutenant)

- Yoshi (Special Lieutenant)

- Mario (Lieutenant)

- Oshawott (Lieutenant)

- Murabito Villager (Lieutenant)

- Monita (Lieutenant)

- Kawasaki (cook, lieutenant)

- Captain Olimar (trainer, lieutenant)

- Sonic the Hedgehog (Special Lieutenant, ate the fruit of the speed)

- Ika Inkling girl (Painter, lieutenant, ate the fruit of painting)

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