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Star Staff (SMG:CC)
Star Staff
First Appearance Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Combat

Star Staff (SMG:CC) is an item in Super Mario Galaxy: Cosmic Combat.


The original Star Staff was created by Rosalina so she could channel the magic of Power Stars. She decided to imprison Bowser on a large planet sometime after the events of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and hid the Star Staff there so its magic would continue to work, binding Bowser to the planet.

After Bowser Jr. frees Bowser, they discover the Star Staff. Bowser duplicates it and gives the copy to his son for his loyalty. As they escape, Rosalina tracks them down and attempts to fight them. She loses, not realizing that Bowser had made a copy. Fortunately, Bowser Jr.'s Star Staff is blown to pieces and scattered across superclusters.

Mario tracks down the six pieces and fights Bowser, the two being evenly matched. Mario wins and destroys the Star Staff. The other one is kept aboard the Comet Observatory and only used to overcome the trials of Supercluster Omega.



The item is a long rod, about the length of a sword. At the tip is a star-shaped mass of energy, which burns to the touch.


The Star Staff can cause Cosmic Reversion, where color schemes change to blue. Magic from the Star Staff escapes all over the galaxy, where it will act upon the surroundings. This is usually detracting from the player's mission as initially, it is only used by Bowser in boss courses. Later on, it is beneficial, as Mario will be using it.


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