Mario Star Staff

Mario's Star Staff

The Star Staff is a powerful weapon that appears in some Mario platformers (such as Super Mario 99) and in Mario RPGs.


Super Mario 99

Obtaining the Star Staff

To obtain the Star Staff, Mario must find all 140 Stars, when he does, a gateway will be revealed.

Great Star Temple

The Great Star Temple looks a lot like the castle, but without the top. Where a castle doors usually are in Castle Grounds has no door, but a stand. If Mario examines it, the game will say "It looks like something once stood here...", that "something" is the Star Staff. The temple doors are in the moat, luckily, there is no water here. If Mario goes inside, he will find Rosalina, who tells Mario to go into a Starfall Gate to do a final trial to see if Mario is worthy of the Star Staff. In this Starfall Realm, Mario is collecting 8 Bronze Stars inside the temple. If Mario succeeds, the Star Staff will appear on the stand outside the temple.

Super Mario RPG: Power of the Star Staff

The Star Staff is the main feature and weapon of Super Mario RPG: Power of the Star Staff. It holds incredible power and has a spirit guardian.


Mario/Luigi can use to Star Staff to destroy any enemy. It can also be used to make things like ? Blocks.

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