Geno looked down at the Mushroom Kingdom from Star Road. Rather than being in his puny star form, he appeared as a transparent spirit form of his former doll self.

"It's a lost cause, ♥♪!?..." said another star spirit. He was in his little star form.

Geno quickly turned around and flared with anger.

"I told you not to call me that!!" barked Geno.

"Now, now..." said the other star, "Don't get angry... 'Geno' - is it? - there's simply no use... Nothing you can do about it..."

Geno turned back around. His eyes closed and his head hung down toward the Mushroom Kingdom.

"But he died..." said Geno, solemnly, "They all died... The others... They held me there... They made me watch..."

"I know what they did..." said the other star, "We all do... But, nevertheless, I don't think you should do this... Now, please... Go back to your star..."

"No..." said Geno, "As much as I appreciate your kindness, I can't let them do that again... I couldn't live with myself..."

"Fine." said the other star, "If that's your decision, as unwise as it seems, I accept. Do you want us to escort you to your friend in Nimbus Land?"

"I'd rather go alone..." said Geno, "Mallow would probably freak out if he saw you guys anyway..."

"Very well." said the other star, "Farewell, Geno..."

His back still turned to the other star, Geno nodded slightly and suddenly, he jumped off the ledge of Star Road and fell to the kingdom below...

Chapter 1:

In the great floating kingdom of Nimbus Land, something was about to occur. In Nimbus Castle, Prince Mallow was resting until a servant came by.

"Are you ready for your bath, Prince Mallow?" asked a servant.

"Chauncy, can't I just do something on my own for once?" asked Mallow.

"As you wish, your highness..." said the servant as he stepped out of the room.

Prince Mallow happily walked down many corridors until he reached a very tall door. His arm extended to reach the high handle and then he stepped in. The room was a gigantic bathroom with a huge shower and bath. Mallow quickly changed clothes into a bathing suit and stepped into the already prepared hot bath and relaxed.

"Ahhh..." sighed the prince, "Just what I need... A little relaxation to take a break from this whole 'prince' gig..."

Suddenly, Geno (In his doll form) busted through the wall of the castle and floated there, glowing.

"AGH!!" cried Mallow, startled, "Do you have to do that every time you come to visit?!"

"I find it necessary, yes..." said Geno.

"Geno, I'm trying to relax!" said Mallow, standing up, "I - I order you to avert your eyes and leave me be!!"

Geno laughed a little.

"Heheh..." chuckled Geno, "Normally, I would respect that, but I serve... A higher authority..."

Mallow began to giggle as well.

"I think we've all heard that line before..." laughed Mallow.

"Yes... We have..." said Geno, "But, there's no time for that... You talk too much, 'your highness'..."

"What do you mean by...?" asked Mallow. But, before he could finish his sentence, Geno zipped over to him, picked him up and put him under his arm, and flew out of the gaping hole in the bathroom. As they flew, Geno started to glow a fiery yellow and red.

"Wh - Where are you taking me?!" screamed Mallow, the wind flying back in his hair.

"To The Mushroom Kingdom!" yelped Geno, "We're going to pay our dear friend a visit..."

Chapter 2:

Princess Peach's Castle was now extremely high in the air, along with Mario and Princess Peach.

More to come...

Chapter 3:


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