Admiral, enemy fleet approaching from quadrant 9011.2." "Prepare the Omega-1 for launch.
Cmd. Sylvia Winters and Admiral Micheal Conrad

Star Pilot
Official game box-art (US Version)
Developer(s) VortexIndustriesLogo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS, Nintendo Holo (ported)
Release Date(s)
23rd November, 2011
Story Mode, Endless Mode, VS. Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Shooter
Media Included DS Cartridge, "HoloDisk"
Star Pilot is the first game made by Vortex Gaming Industries. It is part of the Paradox series.


The Carmelli, an intergalactic space empire, has decided to destroy Earth because of the potential threat of the United Earth Federation. They begin dispatching waves of fighters, with the Olimpus, their capital ship, at the rear. Meanwhile, Admiral Micheal Conrad is made aware of the threat, dispatching the prototype fighter Omega-1 to destroy the enemy squads. The Omega-1 battles its way to the edge of the Solar System, before discovering that the Olimpus had snuck around and was approaching the Sun. Utilizing the prototype Jump-Drive, Omega-1 rendevous with the UEF Navy above the Sun and enters combat with the Olimpus.


The final battle between the Olimpus, two Carmelli cruisers, and the Omega-1.

After a long battle, the Olimpus is destroyed. But with it's last surge of power, it fires an unidentified projectile into the Sun, creating an explosion which engulfs Earth. Just before the impact, Admiral Conrad loads his assistant, Commander Sylvia Winters into an escape pod, thus saving her from the explosion, and providing the setting for Paradox.


In any of the game modes, you play from a top-down perspective comparable to that of the Asteroids arcade game, however, some gameplay details differ.

Story Mode

Gameplay centers around a world map with seven levels (Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). You play as the unnamed pilot of the Omega-1 fighter and battle through waves of enemies in each level, with the enemies increasing in difficulty as you progress. Ultimately the game ends with the final showdown between the UEF Navy and the Olimpus in orbit of the Sun.

Endless Mode

In Endless Mode, you pick a level from the game (excluding the final battle) and the enemies from that level keep spawning in waves until your fighter is defeated, at which point your score is added to a leaderboard and you are given the option to try again.

VS. Mode

VS. Mode allows up to four players to go head-to-head via DS Download Play. The battle is set in the Earth arena from Story Mode. Whoever is the last ship to be destroyed is the winner.


Note: ^ denotes something that requires a power-up to be used.

  • Control Pad: Steer ship
  • B Button: Fire primary weapon
  • Y Button: Fire secondary weapon^
  • R Button: Fire booster rockets
  • L Button: Activate forcefield^
  • Touch Screen (Optional): Steer ship

Nintendo Holo port

A version of this game was ported to the Nintendo Holo, the controls are as follows:

Note: ^ denotes something that requires a power-up to be used.

  • Left Joystick: Steer ship
  • B Button: Fire primary weapon
  • Y Button: Fire secondary weapon^
  • R Trigger: Fire booster rockets
  • L Trigger: Activate forcefield^
  • Control Pad (Optional): Steer ship

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