Star Phoenix is a Flight simulation 3D Game produced by Legend©.


In the Kingdom of Terra, a war for the planets goes on, recrutes are hired, and trained for combat. All pace exsept a imature, stuburn, Jason Walkers who is forced to spend another year to four years in the shcool. His friends then depart in sorrow to combat. Three years later, King zues's army is under attack and is heavly pined down by the arezo. The Secretary of Planets then goes and sommons the last team in line for duty, Star Phoenix lead by a now mature and ready leader, Jason Walkers.


Jason Walker: A responsible hero and Leader of team phoenix.

Darrel Hikensburgh: A rough fighter from the country of Marysland, hes Jason's best friend

Mary-Ann Jinkins: The team michanic and Brains

Rusty: The elderliest fighter who surved in previous wars. He is called granpa by the team

Ace Martenez: A grad from the Space Force, hes there to help the team.

King Zeus: the King of Terra

Annie May: The sweet northern bell who is the sharpest shooter on the team.

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