Star Mario Party
Developer(s) Startendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Party, Story, Minigame
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party
Media Included Disk


Mario and Peach were having a quiet Birthday dinner at Zess T's restaurant, then Mario recieved a letter. He opened it and out came a HUGE surprise! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIO!!! Toadswarth ended up in the letter. "My Dearest Mario, You have been invited to play in the Star Mario Party!" Said Toadswarth. "The princess is entering and this ones going to be a bash!" "Are you up for some fun again?" Mario decided to enter and of they go! Oh and btw, this is one of Bowsers trap, and Toadswarth was actually the Koopa Bros.


This game is very similar to Party 1-8. As usual, You roll a dice and go around the board, but instead of collecting Stars, You have to collect Crystal Stars. A little bit of each Mario Party is included such as Banks, Item Shops and Lottery Shops, etc.


Party Mode

Battle Time! Have fun playing with all the boards you've unlocked. You can play...

1 player 3 CPU
Teams- 2 vs 2
2 players 2 CPU
8 player- 4 vs 4 (Sharing included)
3 players 1 CPU
Solo- 1 player 1 CPU
4 players 0 CPU

Play from 10-50 turns and play Easy, Normal, Hard and Weird Games!

Story Mode

You play Solo with You and 1 CPU. You play each board in the order giving. You keep playing until one player gets 3 Crystal Stars. If you win, you advance to the next board. You must beat Easy, Normal, and Hard to unlock 3 characters. One character is unlocked at the shop.

Minigame Mode

Play all the minigames you have unlocked. Players 1-4 can battle to win minigames and unlock points for the shop. You can also do...

Free Play (lets you play a minigame of your choice)

King of the Hill (keep playing minigames until you loose 3 lives)

Step it Up (play minigames until you make it to step 10.(mingames are randomly chosen)

Fun Shop

Unlock objects for the game

Extra Lodge

Lets you play extra minigames


Image Name Description Special Item Emblem
106px Mario Mario is ready to rock and roll on his next adventure and hes going hard! Fireball 75px

|- ! style="border-color: gray; width: 2%; background-color: white;"|106px ! style="border-color: gray; width: 2%; background-color: white;"|Luigi ! style="border-color: gray; width: 2%; background-color: white;"|After a long season of tennis, Luigi decided that this Party would be just as fun! style="border-color: gray; width: 2%; background-color: white;"|Button ! style="border-color: gray; width: 2%; background-color: white;"|75px