Star Land is a location from the Ybrik Series.


Star Land is located in the Alpha Sector as the 5th planet from it's sun, Alpha 5-98. The planet itself is divided into 5 Realms: The Crystal Realm, The Fire Realm, The Ice Realm, The Water Realm, and The Grass Realm. Out of these 5, humans could only survive in Crystal, Grass, and Water, as they are most like earth. Fire is more like Mercury, and Ice is more like Pluto.


The planet has one moon, Q-59, aka Treasure Zone, the entire moon is made of precious stones, such as Ruby, Sapphire, and Crystal.


For transportation, the people of Star Land use Rainbow Trails.

Apperances in games

Super Ybrik

Star Land appeared in Super Ybrik in danger of being destoyed by the Black Hole.

Super Ybrik 2: Quest for the Stars

Star Land is set to appear in Super Ybrik 2: Quest for the Stars, this time being corrupted by a dark plague.

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