Star Hawk was a mercenary team that hailed from the industrial planet Macbeth. They were first formed as a simple elite resistance force that fought the Venomian Army during the Lylat Wars. As time went on, pilots of the Macbeth Army's elite fighter branch left the military, some of them to form their own mercenary team under the banner of Hawk Robard.


When the Venomian Army invaded Macbeth, the planet was facing a corporate civil war. The lack of unity within the Macbeth defenses caused the planet's downfall and its inhabitants were forced to produce war machines for the invasion effort of Venom. When Macbeth military leaders realized this, a resistance to free Macbeth soon came under way. The military structure was reformed, including the addition of a small, elite fighting force that would pilot the most advanced fighters that the Macbeth resistance could get its hands on. However, the team was not given an official designation, partially to maintain a sense of secrecy, but was often referred to as the Macbeth Elite.

However, the elite force's time as a resistance fighter group was rather unsuccessful until the Battle of Macbeth, when Star Fox destroyed the Venomian Army's primary industrial complex and caused extensive damage to Venomian supplies. Macbeth resistance was able to regain footage against the occupational forces and were able to fight back Venomian forces by the time Andross was defeated at Venom.

After the war, Macbeth's military structure was again altered, this time to a more permanent and effective defensive force. Most pilots from the elite team retained their jobs, though others were disenfranchised by the strictness of the military. They rallied under one of the most outspoken critic from the Macbeth Elite, Hawk Robard. When the military refused the elite pilots' protests, they, along with Hawk, left the military and formed their own mercenary team.


Membership section incomplete. Information may change over time.

Behind the scenes

Star Hawk was one of Shigeru Miyamoto's original concept titles for what became known as the Star Fox series. The "H" in hawk was artistically designed with a metallic look, which provided inspiration as to the mercenary team's home planet as Macbeth.

The history of Star Hawk was branched off of information provided by Nintendo Power's game guide on Star Fox 64.

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