Star Fox of the Future is a game by Fun Dimension, confirmed on their website. It stars Fox and Krystal's son, Marcus, on his own Star Fox team.

Confirmed Story

Years after Star Fox, the world has gone almost backwards in technology. The Star Fox/Star Wolf teams have the highest technology with their Arwings and Great Fox- the only spaceships left in existance. Fox and Krystal McCloud are murdered by Dash Bowman in revenge for his grandfather, Andross. Marcus flees to Corneria, where he meets Pepper Hare, Squinty Toad, Mariotte McDonald and Falco Lombardi. After battling Dash Bowman and the new Star Wolf team, the new Star Fox team set out to stop Dash from destroying Corneria.

Confirmed Characters

Marcus McCloud

The main character of the game. He is playable in almost every mission.

Mariotte McDonald

Mariotte takes the role of Krystal. She is Marcus' crush and one of the pilots on the new Star Fox team.

Pepper Hare

Pepper is the best pilot in the fleet. She takes the role of Falco.

Squinty Toad

Squinty is the mechanic of the fleet. He takes the role of Slippy.

Falco Lombardi

Falco is the original leader of the new Star Fox team, but eventually gives up his leadership so that Marcus can lead.

Thomas O'Donnell

Thomas is Wolf's son. He is the leader of the new Star Wolf team.

Kat Caroso

Kat is the son of Panther. He is the second-in-command of the new Star Wolf team.

Dash Bowman

Dash Bowman is the main villain. He tries to destroy Corneria after murdering Fox and Krystal.

Fox and Krystal McCloud

Fox and Krystal appear briefly in the opening, before being murdered by Dash.

Confirmed Gameplay

The game will have several "missions", which are in between each cutscene. For example, the first mission is Marcus and Mariotte trying to stop Dash. Depending on what happens in each mission, a different storyline will continue.

Confirmed Missions

  • Stop Dash Bowman!
    • The only mission that you have to complete. You can play as Marcus or Mariotte. The possible storylines are as follows:
    • You play as Marcus, Dash defeats Mariotte - Mariotte will be taken to the medical bay.
    • You play as Marcus, Dash defeats you - Mariotte will destroy Dash in anger.
    • Dash is defeated with no deaths - Dash will flee, swearing revenge.
    • You play as Mariotte, Dash defeats Marcus - Marcus will kill Dash before falling over, unconscious.
    • You play as Mariotte, Dash defeats you - Marcus will let Dash go while trying to help Mariotte.

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