On the 4th day of Christmas Cooldude6605 gave to me 4 StarFox Ships 3D Diddy Kong Racing 2 Kirby Games & very cool Amiibo Board Game.

This time Star Fox so on with the story. Also if you find any mess ups please fix it.


Star Fox crew is off chasing Star Wolf. they eventually catch up and sneak inside Star Wolfs base. Star Wolf found out that they sneaked in & sent all their minions then the 1st level starts. After the 1st level you find Wolf & he is ready to fight. You win & he is forced to retreat but their is nowhere to retreat. Fox then hears something & gets distracted Wolf the jumps into his mini ship & flies away. Fox thinks its his fault the crew says its not when Peppy Hare reports that Star Wolf is attacking! Then Fox looks around to see they are surrounded. Then level 2 begins. You find away to escape and Star Wolfs base blows up (The most epic part). You then you find a planet that they haven't found before. But they are stranded. They then find out about an ancient pearl that is on that planet. They then power their 4 ships with that 1 pearl, they launch into space.

Thats all i will reveal for the story until January.


  • Star Wolf Sneak
    • In Star Wolf Sneak there are 3 types of guns, Ablitorizor, Freeze Machine & Technical Ray. Enemy Types. Wolf Guard, Tech Knight, Supreme Shooter,
    • Boss: Wolf: Possible Moves he can summon Tech Knights. Can pull out a gun and shoot. Can call Wolf Ship. Weakness: Fox' s Reflector move & Ablitorizor.
  • Surrounded Ship
    • In Surrounded Ship there are 3 types of ships to ride. Crone Flier, Jewel Jet, Fox Flier. Enemy ships Wolf Jet, Wolf Plane, Wolf Warship.
  • Desintia Planet
    • In Desintia Planet there are 5 levers that need to be pulled one in the top right one in the top left one in the bottom right one in the bottom left one can only be activated after the other 4 & it is in the center. No enemy,s are in this level but it is a giant maze, but however there is 1 ship Land Master.

Levels that are unconfirmed from the story

  • Ragintor Planet
    • In Ragintor Planet is the home base of StarSecret (the new villain). New enemy,s spawn every 12 seconds. You only have the characters main attack & Crone Flier.
    • Boss: Secret Star Ship: This boss is battled while you are in the Jewel Jet. His weakness is the rapid shoot while shooting at the front. Possible Moves: It can shoot a giant laser at you & can rapid fire as well.
  • 2nd Level of Desintia Planet
    • In the 2nd level the maze is closed because you are chasing StarSecret but there are still obstacles. Also there are many enemy,s shooting at you that you cannot destroy.

Multi Player Mode

In Multi Player Mode you battle across 25 different fields only 4 fields have been decided & only 4 race tracks have been decided. all the characters have been decided but only 8 of them will be revealed.



  • Fox
  • Falco
  • Krystal
  • Slippy
  • Peppy


  • Panther
    • How to unlock beat Wolf for the 1st time
  • Leon
    • Win Multi Player Mode Race 10 times as Falco
  • Wolf
    • Beat Wolf for the final time


Battle Mode

  • Desintia Field
  • Ragintor Field
  • Lylat Field
  • Star Fox Feild

Race Mode

  • Ragintor Raceway
  • Desintia Dome
  • Lylat Lane
  • Star Fox Curcuit



  • Jewel Jet
  • Fox Flier
  • Crone Flier
  • Pain Plane
  • Bullet Ship


  • Wolf War Ship
    • Unlock By Unlocking Wolf
  • Secret Ship
    • Unlock By Beating Story Mode
  • Astroid Airplane
    • Unlock by winning 30 races in the Crone Flier
  • Cushing Jet
    • Unlock by winning 75 races
  • Shadow Ship
    • Unlock by winning 150 races as Wolf


Okay here is a sneak peak for tomorrow 5 aldze unscramble the words to find out tomorrows game.

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