Star Fox One is and action adventure shooter game for the Nintnedo Wii U and NX. It is the sequel to Star Fox Zero.


The gameplay is the same one from the last game but with 3rd person on foot shooting from Star Fox Assault. The Walker mode from Zero makes a return. Players will also get to explore the Great Fox and customize it's rooms with things like bedrooms, kitchen/lounge, hot tub, and even a bathroom. There is also a mode that focuses on Wolf O'Donnell's origins on how he faced James McCloud as a young man and how he started Star Wolf. The game takes place on the planet Sauria and is a retelling on how Fox McCloud met Krystal.


It's been a whole month and a half since Fox McCloud defeated Andross. With Andross' forces out of the way and the Lylat Wars ending with the Cornerian Army's Victory, peace has remained throughout Lylat System. But not all planets are in harmony. In a distant planet called Sauria, a planet teeming with prehistoric life like dinosaurs and Ice Age creatures, a rebel force called the Razorbacks are seeking the ultimate power on the planet called the Krazoa. Meanwhile, the General Pepper hears word of this rebellion and sends Star Fox to investigate. Slippy is ecstatic to see some action for once since there hasn't been much to do lately which Falco agrees. Upon arrival to Sauria, the team are shocked to see the prehistoric planet split into giant chunks. Rob 64 scans the planet and says that some kind of psychokinetic energy force is what caused Sauria to divide itself. Fox asks if it can be fixed, which the robot replies "the only requirement needed to regenerate the planet's pieces is within the planet's surface". Peppy suggests that the team stay together while their on the surface since Sauria is a dangerous planet, which Fox agrees. He later orders the team to get to the hangar and into their new personalized Arwings. " Ok boys, Let's Rock and Roll!"


Fox McCloud- Leader of the Star Fox team, an elite squadron founed by his father, James McCloud, who died while investigating planet Venom five years ago. He is a fearless and courageous natural born leader and an ace pilot. After meeting Krystal, he began to develop feelings for her and later fell in love with her.

Falco Lombardi- a hotshot ace pilot and former gang leader.

Peppy Hare- a veteran fighter and father figure to Fox. He was also part of the original Star Fox team with Fox's father, James.

Slippy Toad- a young mechanic and inventor who is also Fox's childhood from from the Cornerian Academy. He is also a reckless flyer who is always the first to be chased by enemies.

Krystal- a young woman who was raised on Sauria. Her parents died on Sauria and was an orphan all her life. Growing up she was a feral child and was self taught to defend herself against the dangers of the dinosaur planet. She is gifted with telepathic powers. After meeting Fox, she began to have feelings for him and then later fell in love. She doesn't know technology very well since Sauria has little of it, so she wants to learn more of life outside of Sauria thus officially joining Star Fox. In this game, her appearance is different, her hair reaches the edge of her neck an touches her shoulders.

General Pepper- Leader of the Corniarian Army. He sends the team to Sauria to fix the planet's surface.

Rob 64- a navigation robot created by James McCloud and later inherited by his son Fox. He controls the Great Fox.

Star Wolf- a criminal unit who works for the highest bidder.

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