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Star Fox Navy is an upcoming  spin-off game for Nintendo 3DS. Like Star Fox Command, it focuses on real-time strategy and dogfights, but it also allows the use of building bases and new aircraft.  A huge set of maps for the multiplayer, challenging pathes for both good and evil campaigns, as well as customable pilots and aircraft make this a landmark in Star Fox history.


  • Arwing
  • Cornerian Fighter
  • Landmaster
  • Combat Speeder
  • Cornerian Foot Soldier
  • Saurian Warrior
  • Blue Marine


  • Fox McCloud
  • Falco Lombardi
  • Krystal Buranetto
  • Slippy Toad
  • Peppy Hare
  • Miyu Lynx
  • Fay Spaniel
  • Katt Monroe
  • Bill Grey (not available in Campaign mode)
  • Amanda (not available in Campaign mode)
  • Lucy Hare (not available in Campaign mode)
  • James McCloud (not available in Campaign mode)
  • Vixy Reinard (not available in Campaign mode)
  • Fara Phoenix (not available in Campaign mode)
  • Marcus McCloud (not available in Campaign mode)
  • Tricky (not available in Campaign mode)
  • Kool (not available in Campaign mode)
  • General Pepper (unlockable)

Good Campaign.

  1. Corneria = Fox, Falco and Miyu must gather a garrison and defend Corneria from Venomian fighters. (LEVEL BOSS = Shadow Fighter)
  2. Asteroid Field = Fox and Falco must recapture the base in the middle of the asteroid belt and cut off the advancing enemy forces. (LEVEL BOSS = Slot Machine)
  3. Katina = Destroy the Star Wolf hideout (LEVEL BOSS = Wolf O´Donnell)
  4. Sector X = Fight your way through the occupied base ruins and destroy Captain Shears´  superweapon operation. (LEVEL BOSS = Captain Shears)
  5. Papetoon = Fight off the Venomian forces on both foot and air before they can enter the city.
  6. Sauria = Krystal must lead her troops to defend the Walled City and destroy the surrounding Sharpclaw outposts. (LEVEL BOSS = General Scales and Panther Caroso)
  7. Titania = Master up the defenses of the desert fortress and survive several waves of enemy aerial forces. (LEVEL BOSS= 3 Aparoid Walkers and Leon Powalski)
  8. Venom = Hold up your base until the arrival of all your allies, then perform a full assault on the main base. (LEVEL BOSS = Solar Satellite and Gorgon)


  • Venomian Fighter
  • Venomian Bomber
  • Venomian Soldier
  • Sargasso Ruffian
  • Aparoid Spider
  • Aparoid Walker
  • Aparoid Sentry


  • Wolf O´Donnell
  • Leon Powalski
  • Panther Caroso
  • Dash Bowman
  • Pigma Dengar (not available in Campaign Mode)
  • Andrew Oikonny (not available in Campaign Mode)
  • Captain Shears (not available in Campaign Mode)
  • General Scales (not available in Campaign Mode)
  • Octoman (not available in Campaign Mode)
  • Caiman (not available in Campaign Mode)
  • Dr  Andross (unlockable)

Evil Campaign:


  1. Fichina = Leon and Panther must flush out the temporary garrison of Cornerian forces and claim the base for themselves (LEVEL BOSS = Slippy Toad and Bill Grey)
  2. Papetoon = Wolf must assault the city on both foot and air as well as occupy it with his troops.
  3. Aquas = Take over the shoreline territories and destroy a traitor. (LEVEL BOSS = Pigma Dengar)
  4. Zoness = Break down the massive planetary base. (LEVEL BOSS = Falco Lombardi)
  5. Bolse = Find Captain Shears and aquire new units from his outposts. (LEVEL BOSS = Miyu Lynx and Fay Spaniel)
  6. Titania = Lay siege on the desert fortress and eliminate all enemy units there. (LEVEL BOSS = Krystal)
  7. Corneria = All of Andross´ forces must destroy the final stand that the Cornerian army makes. (LEVEL BOSS = Fox McCloud and General Pepper).


  • Spaceport
  • Hangar
  • Armory
  • Barracks
  • Mech Factory (Good only)
  • Shipyard (Good only)
  • Ruffian Hideout (Evil only)
  • Aparoid Nest (Evil only)
  • Command Center

Custom Character Species:

  • Fox
  • Wolf
  • Skunk
  • Lynx
  • Mouse
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Hare
  • Squirrel

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