Star Fox Legacy includes two cinematic cutscenes that play throughout the game's story mode.

Opening Cinetmatic

Track: "Vixy"

Not yet released.

Ending Cinematic

Track: "Last McCloud"

(James's Arwing is seen trying to outrun the large explosion cloud. As the cloud closes in on him, James looks in the distance and sees the radiant glow of Lylat. He then looks at a picture of Vixy holding an infant Fox. A small smile appears on James's face as the cloud violently consumes his Arwing.)

(As Peppy returns to Corneria City, a huge crowd forms to welcome the Star Fox team home. Peppy, battered and bloodied, lands his Arwing. The crowd looks unsettled to the fact that only one Arwing has arrived. General Pepper and Fox make way through the crowd to reach Peppy.)

  • Pepper: Peppy! Are you alright? What happened? We lost contact with you guys hours ago! Where's Pigma and James?
  • Fox: I would like to know the same thing too...Where's my dad, Pep?

(Peppy takes a deep breath and exhales looking down. He raises his head with a single tear rolling down his cheek.)

  • Peppy: I'm so sorry.

(Fox is seen in his room holding a picture of the Star Fox team. He glares angrily at Pigma in the picture and tears it out. While he does this, Peppy's and Fox's voices can be heard.)

  • Fox's Voice: (whimpering) Wha...what...happened to my dad?
  • Peppy's Voice: Pigma betrayed us, Fox. Left us open to an attack. You dad managed to land the Arwing and enter the base on foot. He got back to the Arwing but...(Peppy's voice begins to trail)...I don't know...where he is...

(Fox then sets the picture on a table-stand beside his bed. He then opens a letter which reveals to be a resignation form for the Corneria Defense Force Academy. He picks up a pencil, takes a deep breath and exhales. The pencil is shown hovering over the area labeled "NAME". Fox continues to hesitate.)

  • James's Voice: Look at him Vixy, he's going to be just like me when he grows up.
  • Vixy's Voice: He'll be a great pilot. He has your eyes, James! Fox, you are so precious. You're going to lead Star Fox with your friends and you'll be a hero! (Vixy giggles)

(Fox writes down "Fox McCloud" on the name-space. The screen turns black and the credits begin to roll.)

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