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Known Information

This game has a two disk setup involving the stories of both Fox McCloud and Wolf O'Donnell. The 2 stories actually intertwine so the player can begin with either and finish with the other. By finish, we mean they will have played and learned the storyline from both sides and understand how everything comes together.

Fox Disc

This disk involves the story of Fox McCloud 4 years after the Aparoids defeat. fox and Krystal are married and have a son named Marcus (yes, the same one in Star Fox Command) in the first year. After the next 3 pass, Fox recieves a massage from Slippy proposing a reunion. Thrilled, Fox and Krystal accept. When they arrive, they all explain what happened in the 4 years divided and the others convince Fox to have one last mission so a new character, Alex Sazni, can achieve his dream of flying for Star Fox. However, they are ambushed by Star Wolf and somehow teleport outside a desert world. When they crash land on the planet, everyone is safe except Krystal, who is enslaved by the Merchant King Renjufoso. When they find her, Renjufoso strikes a deal with Fox for the 5 Jewels of Rame in return for Krystals release.

Wolf Disc

This disk involves the story of Wolf O'Donnell. During a celebration after a successful smuggling, Star Wolf finds the bar being assaulted by an accidental pilot. Panther manages to convince wolf not to blast the Arwing out of space, but help it land. After landing, Wolf chews out the pilot who raises her head, making Wolf shut up promptly out of sudden emotion for the girl, whose name is Fay.


(no higher quality available)

After inviting her to join the Star Wolf team, Panther soon figures out Wolf is sweet on Fay. Using stealthy tactics, he also finds out Fay also likes Wolf! With this, Panther sets out to link them up. After two months or so, Wolf and Fay admit their feelings for each other, much to the relief of Panther. Revealing her uncle is General Pepper, Star Wolf set out to Corneria to tell him the news. However, on landing, they are ambushed and Wolf and Fay are left tied together in a room underground, from which they escape.

More soon...

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