Star Fox 0
Developer(s) FTF Inc.
Publisher(s) FTF Inc.
Platform(s) PikCube
Release Date(s)
Nothing is none about this
Story Mode, Expert Mode, Co-op Story, Battel Mode, Options, Challenge Mode
Genre(s) Shoot 'em up!
Media Included PikCube Disc


This game plays before Lylat Wars. The former Star Fox Team was send to find out what was happening on Venom. You (James McCloud, Peppy Hare or Pigma Dengar) and your partners must fly from Planet to Planet.
There are 4 routes that you can go! Route A, Route B, Route C or the Warp Route.




Cutscenes and MissionsEdit

Route AEdit

  • Intro
  • Corneria Briefing
  • Mission 1: Start at Corneria
  • Mission 1 Ending
  • Meteo Briefing
  • Mission 2: Metor in Meteo
  • Mission 2 Ending
  • Fortuna Briefing
  • Mission 3: Fortunas last hope
  • Mission 3 Ending
  • Sector X Briefing
  • Mission 4: Sector X and Star Wolf
  • Mission 4 Ending
  • Titania Briefing
  • Mission 5: Titania and the Titan Dragon
  • Mission 5 Ending
  • Area 1 Briefing
  • Mission 6: Last Hurdle
  • Mission 6 Ending
  • Venom Briefing
  • Mission 7: Finally at Venom
  • Mission 7 Ending

NOTE: I know that here isn't 'Black Hole Briefing'

  • Mission 8: Pigma's Revenge
  • Mission 8 Ending
  • Credits / Ending