Star Fox (film)
Studio(s) Nintendo
Jim Henson's Creature Workshop
Distributor(s) Toho (Japan)
Warner Bros. (USA & UK)
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Country of Origin Japan
Theatrical Release Date(s)
June 29th (Japan)
October 31st (USA)
December 25 (UK)
Age Rating(s)
USA: PG-13 (for scary sci-fi action, thematic elements and some languages)
Japan: PG-12
Original Language Japanese

Star Fox is a Japanese digital puppetry/animated space opera epic sci-fi action film based on the Star Fox franchise. It is produced and distributed by Toho in Japan, and the English dub version are licensed and distributed by Warner Bros. in Untied States and United Kingdom.

The technique of Star Fox film is done in a digital marionette puppetry (with a style of Thunderbirds) with CGI animation and special effects.

The film's plot is based on the first Star Fox game on the Super Nintendo and Star Fox 64 on Nintendo 64 where the anthropomorphic animal team called Star Fox, Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, and Falco Lombardi, are having their mission to go planet-to-planet in the galaxy called the Lylat system to stop the evil Andross from taking over the universe.


  • Fox McClloud - a fox and the leader of the Star Fox team.
  • Slippy Toad - a toad and one of the Star Fox team.
  • Peppy Hare - an elderly hare and one of the Star Fox team. And he's also a friend of James McCloud, Fox's father.
  • Falco Lombardi - a hawk and one of the Star Fox team.
  • General Pepper - a hound dog who is a Commander-in-chief of the Cornerian Defense Forces.
  • ROB 64 - a robot who is a operator of the Great Fox, Star Fox's mothership.
  • James McCloud - Fox McCloud's deceased father who was a leader of the Star Fox team until he was killed by Andross.
  • Andross - a mad scientist primate and a main antagonist who wants to take over the Lylat system.
  • Andrew Oikonny - a monkey who is Andross' nephew who attempts to destroy Star Fox from their mission, but fails.
  • Wolf O'Donnell - a wolf and the leader of Star Wolf team, a rival of Star Fox.
  • Leon Powalski - a chameleon and one of the Star Wolf team.
  • Pigma Dengar - a pig who is formerly one of the members of the Star Fox team along with James McCloud and Peppy Hare, until he betrayed the team during their mission to stop Andross and eventually become one of the Star Wolf team.

Voice Cast

Japanese Cast


English Cast

  • Matt Damon as Fox McCloud
    • Alex Garfin as Young Fox McCloud
  • Josh Gad as Slippy Toad
  • David Ogden Stiers as Peppy Hare
  • Sam Marin as Falco Lombardi, Andrew Oikonny, and other voices
  • Peter Cullen as General Pepper
  • Dan Owsen as ROB 64
  • Mike West as James McCloud
  • John Hurt as Andross
  • Patrick Warburton as Wolf O'Donnell
  • John de Lancie as Leon Powalski
  • Tom Kenny as Pigma Dengar, and other voices
  • Frank Welker, Dee Bradley Baker as creature and animal noises