Star Fox is a movie in the FANCU series being produced by Eternity Enterprises. It will be 2D Animated like most of the other FANCU films. 

Plot Synopsis

In the deepest regions of space, captain James McCloud died in battle against the evil space-fiend Andross. Now his son Fox McCloud, in honor of his father, is on a quest to become one of the greatest pilots in the galaxy, so he can gather a team and stop Andross once and for all. However, it will take a lot of hard work to earn the title of the new leader of Team Starfox. Will Fox succeed? Well, watch the freaking movie and find out! Am I supposed to tell you?!?!
The official plot synopsis revealed on the internet by The director of the movie.

Plot Summary



The director has revealed that he plans to use the voice actors from the games in the film, such as Jim Walker as Fox McCloud. 

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