Star Fox: Unite is an Star Fox game for the Nintendo DS created by Bomb Bit Games in March 2012. It would be Bomb Bit's first game. The game features a completely new take on the series, as it is the first Star Fox platformer ever. Unite features no new characters, but we do see some familar faces including General Scales and Krystal.

It is currently unknown whether or not Bomb Bit is planning another Star Fox project.

Star Fox Unite Cover Art

Official Star Fox: Unite cover art.


Andross is back and full of malicious intent on getting revenge at the Star Fox team, as is the evil General Scales . The duo has united and have set a trap for the Star Fox team. Since the destruction of Krystal 's home planet and the mysterious murder of her parents, she has joined forces with Fox McCloud , Falco Lombardi , and the rest of the Star Fox team. (You'll see this in Star Fox Adventure and Star Fox Assault.) Andross has used his powers to create a new planet, Cerinia 2 . After the destruction of Krystal's home planet in Star Fox: Adventures, she becomes curious about this newly created planet. (Her home planet was named Cerinia).

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Star Fox: Unite plays exactly as a Gameboy Advance would, using the same color pallette, graphics, and button set as one, although it is for the Nintendo DS. Although the Arwing does makes an appearence, the player never does get to operate one.

Button Layout:

The bottom screen isn't used at all, but is simply black. The button X, Y, and SELECT aren't used either throughout the game.

A= Jump

Ax2 = Double Jump

B = Fire Blaster / Swing Proto-Staff

Bx2 = Fire rocket beam from Proto-Staff

RIGHT = Move right

LEFT = Move left

UP = Point weapon upwards and look upwards

DOWN = Crouch (When playing as Krystal, lay down)


R/SELECT = Interact with an object/skip cutscene

START = Pause


  • The planet Cerinia 2 and Falco make a cameo in another game developed by Bomb Bit, Bomberman 2012  .
  • Fox and Falco aren't actually wearing metal boots. All pilots in the universe amputate their legs from the kneecaps down so the force of space doesn't suck the blood from their bodies out their legs.
  • The Star Fox universe and the F-Zero universe are the same universe.
  • Falco is actually based on a Pheasant, instead of a Falcon.
  • Star Fox was originally supposed to be a drama show, played by puppets.
  • Lylat Wars was inspired by the film Independance day.

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