Star Fox: The Saga is a three season long saturday morning animated show produced by Nintendo. It follows the events of the three canon games (64, Adventures, Assault), with several storylines occurring between them. The series ends with the events from Star Fox: The Final Assault.




  1. How It All Began
  2. The Lylat Wars I
  3. The Lylat Wars II
  4. Hard Times For Zoness
  5. Fox Has Left The Building
  6. Farewell, Beloved Falco
  7. A Cerinian Exile
  8. The Showdown at Katina
  9. The Pirate And His Offer
  10. Miyu and Fay
  11. In Her Majesty´s Service
  12. A Cornerian Holiday
  13. A Traitorous Swine


  1. A Vixen Among Us
  2. Wolf´s Day Off
  3. Android Agony
  4. A Stolen Superweapon
  5. Down On Our Luck
  6. Shadows Of Lylat
  7. Dinosaur Planet I
  8. Dinosaur Planet II
  9. Dinosaur Planet III
  10. Falsely Convicted?
  11. Hardware Heist
  12. Oikonny´s Revenge
  13. In The Seventh Heaven
  14. The Jailbreak
  15. Krazoa Krisis
  16. Back To Sauria
  17. Battle Of The Bounty Hunters
  18. An Endangered Planet
  19. Adventures In Haresitting
  20. Attack On Aquas
  21. Pirates Again?
  22. Peppy´s Retirement
  23. Star Wolf Breaks Up
  24. Fossil Hunt
  25. The Queen´s Favorite
  26. Do You See My Red Rose?
  27. The Disappearing Wilderness Of Fortuna
  28. The Night Of The Fox Hunters
  29. A Damsel In Distress
  30. The Titania Caper
  31. A Day Without An Arwing
  32. Krystal´s Rite Of Passage
  33. The Sharpclaw Gang
  34. A Ghost From The Past
  35. Scales Takes Over
  36. The Robot Riot
  37. The Mobster Moon


  1. The Aparoid Blitz I
  2. The Aparoid Blitz II
  3. Fox´s Nightmare
  4. At The Frost Of Fichina
  5. Panther Never Learns
  6. The G-Zero Tournament
  7. Back In The Old Ways
  8. General Peppy
  9. Family Bondings
  10. A New Power Is Rising
  11. The Final Assault I
  12. The Final Assault II
  13. The Final Assault III

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