Star Fox: The Final Assault is the upcoming next chapter in the Star Fox saga. Taking place after Star Fox Assault and retconning Star Fox Command as an in-universe "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, the game is being developed by Retro Studios, and combines several rail-shooter elements used throughout the series. It is being Rated T and released for Wii U.


Two years have passed after the Aparoid Invasion... Corneria has been at peace for quite some time, until a new enemy emerges, more lethal and unpredictable than the previous foes. It is revealed that before his death, Dr Andross used his captives to mine precious artifacts that could be used to empower bio-weapons beyond the Lylatians´ worst nightmares. Fox Mccloud and his allies must get together once again to stop this new unknown threat before Lylat is doomed.


Note: In Arcade mode, these missions can be played in a random order, and you can select your own path

  1. Back In Duty (Corneria) = Take out the enemy watch towers on the Cornerian Perimeter via Arwing or Landmaster. Bill will assist you.
  2. To The Asteroid Field (Meteor) = Save Slippy from the incoming enemy convoy lurking in the Asteroid Field.
  3. Our Pathes Cross Again (Sargasso) = Eliminate the mining system via foot or Landmaster, and defeat Star Wolf in a dogfight.
  4. Repel the Boarders (Papetoon) = Help the Cornerian Army fight back the invaders on foot.
  5. Volcanic Panic (Solar) = Infiltrate the enemy base via the cooling aqueducts and take out their security.
  6. Salvation to Sauria (Sauria) = Destroy the enemy armada in Sauria´s atmosphere.
  7. Processor Unit Under Siege (Sector X) = Escort your teammates through the sector, destroy the artifact processor and defeat Pigma.
  8. Captive in a Brig (Zoness) = Escape from the prison brig, ride on Lucy´s wing while you escape the bioweapon´s effect and defeat Dash Bowman.
  9. Underwater Sabotage (Aquas) = Use the Blue Marine to destroy the enemy shield generator underwater, then get to the land and destroy their sensors with your Landmaster. Katt will assist you.
  10. Canyon Clash (Fortuna) = Chase down the enemy raiders on your Jetbike, then get back to your Arwing and destroy their shoreline forces. Lucy will assist you again.
  11. Battle in the Blizzard (Fichina) = Prevent the incoming missiles from reaching the Great Fox.
  12. Bad Guys on the Run (Katina) = Take out the enemy bases via foot and their bioweapon on your Arwing.
  13. Grinding Gears (Titania) = Destroy the enemy jammers disrupting Star Fox´s progress.
  14. A Critical Hour (Macbeth) = Take out the train via foot.
  15. Back for Blood (Venom Airspace) = Destroy the enemy motherships and find a way to infiltrate to the planet surface. Star Wolf will assist you.
  16. The Final Battle (Venom) = Defeat Oikonny, find your way to Andross´ old domain and discover the true mastermind.....


  1. Star Wolf (Chapter 3)
  2. Lava Buggies (Chapter 5)
  3. Venomian Galleons (Chapter 7)
  4. Pigma Dengar (Chapter 8)
  5. Dash Bowman (Chapter 9)
  6. Mirage Dragon (Chapter 10)
  7. Venomian Bioweapon (Chapter 12)
  8. Macbeth Train (Chapter 14)
  9. Leon Powalski and Panther Caroso (Chapter 15)
  10. Andrew Oikonny (Chapter 16)
  11. Dark Fox Mccloud (Chapter 16)

Playable Characters


  • Arwing
  • Landmaster
  • Blue Marine
  • Jetbike
  • Arwing Walker

Gaming Modes

  • Story Mode
  • Arcade
  • Galactic Conquest
  • Capture the Flag (Multiplayer)
  • Dogfight (Multiplayer)
  • Gun Duel (Multiplayer)
  • Deathmatch (Multiplayer)
  • Star Fox/Starwing (Original Playable Demo)

Voice Cast

  • Fox McCloud = Mike West
  • Falco Lombardi = Bill Johns
  • Krystal = Alesia Glidewell
  • Wolf O´Donnell = Jock Blaney
  • Dark Fox McCloud = Mike West
  • Panther Caroso = Carlos Alazraqui
  • Slippy Toad = Trey Parker
  • Peppy Hare = Rick May
  • Leon Powalski = Jay Green
  • Miyu Lynx = Tara Strong
  • Fay Spaniel = Grey Delisle
  • ROB-64 = David Frederick White
  • General Pepper = David Fredrick White
  • Pigma Dengar = David Frederick White
  • Andrew Oikonny = Bill Johns
  • Dash Bowman = Jeff Bennett
  • Lucy Hare = Tress MacNeille
  • Bill Grey = Bill Johns
  • Katt Monroe = Lyssa Browne
  • Amanda = Tara Strong
  • Tricky = Kevin Bayliss
  • James McCloud = Mike West
  • Andross = Rick May

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