Star Fox: Nuclear Mission is an action game for the Nintendo 3DS. It plays very similarly to Star Fox 64 3D, only with new features, planets, and characters. It also runs on a timer, where if the player takes to long to beat each planet a nuclear bomb will go off blowing up Corneria. You play as Fox as you go through each planet with Peppy, Slippy, and Falco. The game can be played multi-player, through story mode or versus mode.



Star Fox

Fox McCloud

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Son of James McCloud and current Star Fox team leader, Fox is an ace pilot with masterful control of his Arwing and a sharpshooter of the highest order.

Falco Lombardi

Falco is a stellar pilot, and he knows-his arrogance can be a bit overbearing. But his keen eye greatly increases Star Fox team's chance of finding alternate routes in select stages.

Slippy Toad

An essential but inexperienced member of the Star Fox team, Slippy tends to get himself into trouble. But he provides vital analysis of the shield gauge when in battle.

Katt Monroe

Originally just an ally to the Star Fox team, Katt Monroe returns as an official member of Star Fox. She will point out helpful advice to help you along the way.

Star Wolf Team


Leader of Star Wolf. O'Donnell is wanted for larceny and treason. He is Fox McCloud's arch-nemesis. O'Donnell has made it his mission to destroy team Star Fox.


Leon is known for his cold, calculating nature. An excellent fighterpilot, many of Corneria's best pilots have fallen to his razor-sharp aim.


A show-off who often embarrasses his teammates, he considers himself quite the ladies' cat and can hardly contain himself from making passes at attractive females.


The newest member to the Star Wolf team. Shes Falco's little sister and they used to be close until Falco left her to join Star F'ox. She was so mad she decided to join Wolf to rebel.

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