Star Fox: Invasion
Developer(s) Phazonworks
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U

Star Fox: Invasion is the 4th Star Fox title in the series and the successor of Assault; overall, this game was created as a replacement for Star Fox Command, since the latter wasn't too succesful and had too many alternate endings, leading to some confusion among fans.

The story focuses mainly on the return of Andrew Oikonny and his declaration of war on the Lylat system. This forces the Star Fox team back into action, who must face off with Oikonny's legions, spies in the Cornerian army, and even a couple of old foes and an unlikely new ally.



Before the Aparoid invasion of the Lylat System, Andrew Oikonny (nephew of the nefarious Andross) planned a coup takeover of the Lylat system, to succeed where his uncle failed. It was though he was killed in the ensuing attack by an Aparoid.

The reports were greatly exaggerated.

3 years after the Aparoid Invasion, Andrew announced his return from his new base on the planet Venom, and subsequently started his revenge conquest of Lylat, swearing to destroy General Pepper, Star Fox, and even the entire planet of Sauria.

Arc 1: The New Lylat Wars

Arc 2: Moving Forward

Arc 3: Tanking the Competition

Arc 4: An Unexpected Ally

Arc 5: Andrew's Last Stand


Overall, the main gameplay is slightly different from past incarnations. In this, you have the option of selecting one out of 3 different planets to travel to in that part of the story. You can go to these in any order.

  • For example, the first set of levels after the intro level (Corneria 1) consists of the following
    • Katina,
    • Fichina,
    • and Fortuna.
  • You can go to whichever planet you like, but after you complete that mission, it won't be available to play again after you complete it. In this case, if you choose Fortuna, you can only choose Fichina and Katina after that.

You now also have the option to play as someone other than Fox in this game. (For More on Playable Characters, see the section below)

After you complete the 3 levels you select, you must proceed to a single stage that usually either consists of a Space Battle, or an All-Vehicle battle on a nearby planet (Arwing, Landmaster, Blue Marine, etc).


Fox McCloud

Falco Lombardi

Slippy Toad


Wolf O'Donnell


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