� This is the legend of how Fox McCloud and Krystal were swept across dimensions to intervene in a Dark Queen's affairs


A youthful wizard is attempting to escape drones of shadow as he darts across an ancient landscape.� Thinking quickly, he draws a card out of his sleeve and throws it at the drones, turning it into an enormous wall of stone.� Most of the drones crash into it but one manages to think fast enough to avoid it and keep up the chase. Hopping in the air, the wizard calls up a board of darkness and accelerates himself out of site.� Safely hidden, he makes a motion of turning his invisible hat and pointed round one spins into view on his head.� Disguised, he walks across a road into a bush and lies in wait. He didn't need to wait long as a queen soon walked by wielding a dark and twisted rod. As she passed, he pulled a small dagger with a black blade out of his robe and threw it into her path. The blade transformed into an enormous, demonic rhino that charged her. Laughing, she pointed her rod at the rhino and it returned to knife form. Then she called out to wherever he was hiding, "Really, Cabui, a simple teracolt? You must be losing your touch. Leave your hiding place and reveal to me the location of the Gateway to Black Heaven, and I might not enslave you."

Suddenly, dozens of birds encircled her from the trees and bushes. She reacted with a fireball to dispel the winged assailants, but they continued to flay around her. Then every bird pointed its beak at her and darted at her as dozens of knives. However, she was already outside of the circle they had formed and was holding her hand to the sky. A bolt of lightning came down and struck her where she stood, becoming a vile armored glove that formed around her hand. Out of the blue, a card stuck the ground at her feet, causing her to drop her staff as it exploded into a hole that swallowed her up to her neck.

Coming out of his hiding spot, the wizard named Cabui picked up the staff and turned it into purple smoke, which flew away on the wind. Enraged, the queen spouted dozens of insults and curses in a language that was unknown to humans. She continued to curse him even as he vanished in a flash of light.

Cabui appeared in a garden in a dark castle within the sky. Pacing frantically, he wondered what the queen was up to and how to stop her for good when he froze. A thought had lodged itself in his head. The thought then became a plan, a plan to stop her once and for all. Cabui reached into his cloak and withdrew a bag tied by a single string. He pulled the string and dumped out what looked like a powdered starry night. Holding his hands over it, he called out, " I, the sage Cabui, call forth form the many dimensions, a warrior with unparalleled courage, and the weapons to aid me in this darkest hour." Bolts of lightning shot from his fingers into the dust, turning it into a small tornado. He told the tornado when the mouth arched toward him, " Find me a courageous, armed warrior from another dimension, and summon him here, now GO!" The tornado then extended into the sky beyond sight, lighning arcing everywhere, the perfect storm. Now the world knew that he wassummoning something, and whatever it was, it would be worse than the meanest teracolt.

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