Star Fox: Dominion
Developer(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) Pharo
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Turn-based strategy
Series Star Fox

Star Fox: Dominion is a Pharo launch title and the newest game in the Star Fox series. Unlike past Star Fox titles, Dominion is a turn-based strategy game that has you managing fleets of ships.


The game is essentially a retelling of Star Fox Zero, with both Cornerian and Venomian campaigns to play through. However, you don't play as the Star Fox or Star Wolf teams at the beginning of the game.


Star Fox: Dominion is a turn-based strategy game in the vein of 4X strategy games like Civilization. Players take turns controlling fleets of ships, maneuvering them around a map. The general goal is to destroy all of the enemy team's units and flagships.


There are two resources: Energy and Minerals. Energy is used to fuel ships, and are created by constructing Energy Plants on certain asteroid fields full of energy, while Minerals are used to construct ships themselves, and are obtained by creating Mines in the middle of space debris.


Ships are a pivotal part of the game, with their own weapons and stats. Every ship is part of a fleet of identical ships.

Ship Description Build Location Fleet Size
Flagship Your main warship, capable of constructing most basic ships. It has some defenses, but isn't well-suited towards large fights. N/A* 1
Fighter Fighters are fast ships that are good for early-game fights, but lack the firepower to hit larger ships. Flagship 6
Worker Workers are maintenance ships capable of repairing other ships as well as constructing space stations. Flagship 3
Missile Fighter Missile Fighters are bulky ships capable of utilizing missiles to hit multiple enemies at once. Assembly Station 4
Stealth Raider Stealth Raiders are capable of utilizing a cloaking device. Unlike other ships, they are fragile and more suited to crippling enemy Workers, interfering with the construction of ships, and stealing resources. Assembly Station 2
Battleship Battleships are slow-moving ships that excel in large fights. Assembly Station 1
Arwing/Wolfen Arwings and Wolfens are more suited towards scouting, and while having incredible mobility, they can only be flown one at a time. Reinforcement Station 1

*Flagships are built automatically, but the number of flagships you get depends on the mission you're playing as well as the chosen settings in multiplayer mode.

Space Stations

Space Stations are buildings constructed by Workers in the middle of space, utilized to construct more advanced ships while also serving other purposes.

Name Description Builds:
Mine Mines can only be built on top of areas with space junk. They harvest Minerals for you. N/A
Energy Plant Energy Plants can only be constructed on special asteroid fields. They provide Fuel. N/A
Assembly Station Used to build more advanced combat ships. Missile Fighters, Stealth Raiders, and Battleships.
Reinforcement Station Used to call for aid from the Star Fox or Star Wolf team. Arwings or Wolfens depending on your faction.
Turret Turrets are capable of attacking enemy ships. N/A
Laboratory Laboratories are used to research upgrades for your ships. N/A


Each side can choose between four different commanders. Each commander provides different buffs, so you'll want to pick one that fits with your preferred playstyle.

Commander Image Buff
Bill Grey/General Talon


No Image (yet)

Born Leader: Ships construct 10% faster.
ROB-32/Granga No Images (yet) Skilled Technician: Research speed increased by 10%.
Fox McCloud/Wolf O'Donnell SFZ-Fox McCloudWolf SSB4 Ace Pilot: Ships deal 10% more damage when at half health or less.
General Pepper/Andross GeneralPepper196961-andross large Resourcefulness: Mines and Energy Plants generate 10% more of their respective resource.


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  • The game was initially developed for the Nintendo Switch, but was moved to the Pharo.