Name  Area Attacks How to Defeat
Mecha Hopper Greas Punchs and Jumps Just move to  Dodge its attacks and shoot at it
Scythe Mech Taympuls Differnet Type of slashes Barrel Roll Vertical and Diagnaol Sings. Just Move up or down on sideways swing and just shoot it.
Robo Bee Grendture Stings,divebombs,Minions,and Laser Never Stop That his how it hits you. The Minions will try to stop you just shoot them. For the Boss shoot the none armored Parts
??? Wod Cannon Balls,Punches,Shock waves, and Flamethrower Barrel Roll the Cannon Balls. Hover over the Shock Waves and Flamethrower. Just Move to dodge the Punches. Shoot The weak point. (its a orange dot)
Star Wolf Glacorilla Laser Fire. Just Never Stop and try ever move to shoot Star Wolf.
Mecha Hopper 2.0 Cavieviemps Same as original and also a laser and Kicks Same as Original
Fake Andross Vinally Punches,Metors,Laser and Sucks in Move on Punches,Barrel Roll on the other atttacks. Shoot His Hands. Then his Head.
Star Wolf Goracier Same as oringinal and also Smart Bombs Same as first fight.
Sword Mech Chimvers Same as Sycthe mech, and throws its sword Smae as Sycthe Mech and stay away from the cursor where it is going to throw its sword
Wolf Corneria Punches,Kicks,Blaster,and Deflcetor  This is hand-to-hand combat. Dodge his punches and kicks. Reflct His shots and be careful he may refeclt yours back. Just keep hitting him.
Pirates Corneria Same as Star Wolf (2nd fight) Same as Star Wolf
Mecha Fox Prototype Sector xx Laser Fire,Slashes,Laser,Electricity, and Charges  Dodge by moving with laser fire and electricity and charges. Jump over the Laser. Block his punches with your own punches. (So like in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat) Punch and kick and shoot it to damage it
Mecha Wolf Sector xx Same as Mecha Fox Prototype but faster  Same as mecha fox prototype.
The Invasion Venom Minions,and Lasers Keep Moving and Shooting
Mecha Wolf Venom Same as first fight but also Shockwaves,Refelctor,Missiles,and Divebombs Same as first fight but jump over Shockwaves,Punch the Missiles,Don't shoot during Refector, and keep moving during The Divebomb
Andross Venom Same as Fake andross and also hads fire,ice,or electric to his Attacks.  Same as Fake Andross

If you have pictures For This You Can Add them, other wise no editing else there is a mistake in spelling exept for the area colum and name colum.

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