I will find you,Fox


After Andross's many defeats. Andross decided to kidnap Fox Mcloud and he rest of his team. He succeded but Falco escaped.Now Falco must save his team or else they will be destroyed. Photos Don't belong to me so give credit to whoever I frogot



Falco (Star Fox series)


Vehicles{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="article-table" style="width: 500px;" |- ! scope="col"|Arwing ! scope="col"| Speed 5/5 Power 2/5 Turning 3/5 ! scope="col"|Laser Fire,Smart Bombs,and Missles ! scope="col"|Start of the Game |- |Landmaster | Speed 1/5 Power 5/5 Turning 4/5 |laser Fire,Smart Bombs,and Laser |Mission 8 |- |Walker  | Speed 1/5 Power 4/5      Turning 5/5 |Laser Fire,Mines,and Missiles |Mission 16 |} Missions 

Area Missions
Corniera The Kidnap
Gallan Falco is Solo
Conddile The Heated Battle
Quaem The Weapon Factory
Kremzy Wolf
Gulmy The Secert base
Keeool The Blockade
Kryinghe Landmaster
Worost Stranded
Ganglake The Underwater City
Crodron Help is Arrivving
Kremuay Protect The Motheship
Kraand Andross's Fleet
Glooulch Andross's Forcefield Geneartor
Kkoep Wolf is Back!
Thlyinock A New Vehicle
Loorld The Portal
Sector Beta Andross's Weapon
Astoird Belt The Hidden Passageway
Falo Is that you Fox?
Elecicfir Walker's Return
Elecicfir Keep on Walking
Elecicfir The Hot Run
Venom Andross's Base

Bosses (If you have a Picture of a boss show me it and I may use it)

Name Area Attacks How to Defeat 
Winlash Corneria Slashes,Bites,and Spears Barrel Roll or just Move to Dodge its attacks just Shoot it to damage it.
Lavword Conddile Slashes,Fireballs,sword throw,and Flamethrower barrel Roll slashes, Just Move On Sword Throws and Flamethrower. Shoot the Fire Balls. Just shoot it.
Wolf Kremzy Laser Fire Stay Awy From Him and shoot his ship until it goes Down
Robo Bee Kryinghe Stings,Minions,Sting Shot,and Divebombs Just Move on all his attacks and shoot his minions that try to stop you. Shoot the un-armored Parts
Winlash 2.0 Crondron Same as the oringinal but also teleportion and missiles Since you are out of your ship you have to shoot the weak point  at the bottom.  Just keep moving on the slashes,bites and spesrs. Also Refelct the Missiles. back so you don't have to hit the weak point
Wolf Kkeop Laser Fire,Missiles,and Smart Bombs Same as First Fight
Cluocid Sector Beta Club Swings,Pounds,Throwes,Missiles,and Bites Barrel Roll all of its attacks or else it will hit you. Just Shoot it to damage it
Gunner 1 Astroid Belt Laser fire,Bombs,Missiles,and Fireballs Stay away from its cursor and shoot its Top part to damadge it
Gunner 2 Astroid Belt Same as the first one and also Laser same as the first one but Barrel roll for the Laser
Gunner 3 Astroid Belt Same as second one but it also moves Same as second one
Wolf Falo Punches,Kicks,Blaster,Charges,and Reflector This is Hand to Hand combat so dodge (Z Button) His Punches and Kicks . Just Jump over Charges and Reflcet Blasts. Be Careful he can reflct yours
Wolf Falo Laser Fire,Smart Bombs,Missiles,and Lasers Same as All other Wolf Fights
Electric Andross Elecicfir Electricity Laser,Punches,and Electric Balls Shoot His Weak Points (Orange Dots) Hover over Laser,Barrel Roll punches,and Just move to avoid electric balls
Ice Andross Elecicfir Freeze Ray,Punches,and Ice Balls Same  as Electric Andross
Fire Andross Eleicfir Flamethrower Punches,and Fireballs Same as the other Androsses
Andross Venom All abilityes of the other Androsses and also suck in and meteors Move for his Lasers and Balls. Barrel Roll suck in,Punches and Metors


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