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For ze record, I think my Star Cookies are ze best.
Broque Monsieur, K-Koopa(game)

Star Cookie
Regular Star Cookie Art (K-Koopa)
Item Type Consumable food
Kind of Item Stamina Item
First Appearance K-Koopa
Latest Appearance K-Koopa
Increases stamina by a specific unit, Which enables the player to execute more attacks,

Star Cookies are a food item commony sold in Koopa Square as a local commodity. They heal stamina when consumed in the K-Koopa Series.


Usual Star Cookies are Sugar rich brown cookies with One larger bottom layer and a smaller top layer, The top layer on a regular one will have a jam (Extracted from mushrooms) star on the top. The cookies somewhat glow with a Yellow glow on the bottom layer and a Red glow around the jam.

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