Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Platform(s) Cryogon
1-Player Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Series StarFall
Media Included Cryogon cartridge

StarFall is an RPG developed by Pyro Enterprises, inspired by Undertale and the Earthbound series and meant to act as a reboot of the company's Mother U project.


eShop Summary

Welcome to the world of StarFall!

Explore a world full of wonder and weirdness! Take the time to talk with people or take on a wild array of enemies!

Every battle is unique - no two enemies are quite the same!

Your choices matter - do you want to bring peace or ensure safety?

Chapter 0: Prologue



StarFall's gameplay is heavily based off of Earthbound and Mother 3, with similar settings and gameplay style. Players typically explore the world from a semi-top-down perspective, though the camera angle may change to top-down or side-scrolling depending on the area. While on the overworld, players may interact with NPCs and other objects.

Similarly to Undertale, StarFall's story has a branching path system depending on player actions; this can lead to different areas being accessible, different bosses being fightable, and different equipment being available.

In Battle

Battling is incredibly similar to Mother 3, with a maximum of four party members battling at once. Battle is initiated when the player contacts an enemy on the overworld; if they run into the back, they may strike the enemy from behind for extra damage, but if an enemy runs into the back of a party member, they are stunned for one turn. Nearby enemies of the same type are attracted when battle initiates.

While in battle, multiple commands are available:

  • Attack: The exact name of this command varies between characters, but the effect is the same. Performs a basic attack that can be chained by pressing the button in time with the beat of the music- the chain has a maximum length of 20 attacks.
  • Special: A special command that varies between party members. Typically uses EN points, but may not depending on the character.
  • Defend: Do nothing, but raise defensive stats greatly until the next turn.
  • Objects: Use an object in the character's inventory. All characters have a separate, limited inventory, so space counts.
  • Run: Escape from battle. If it fails, you do nothing. If it succeeds, all characters flee battle, and gain temporary invincibility to enemies on the overworld.

Character HP and EN points are represented by an odometer-like device called the HP-ometer, which rolls up or down when changed as opposed to being a static number. The impact of the meter mechanic increases as characters gain higher stats; lethal attacks can be slowed or reversed by healing while the meter ticks down, or slowed to stall for time by defending.


Party Members

Name Description Ability Combat Role
Kepler is just an average boy who aspires to be an astronomer, and is incredibly fascinated with the wonders of outer space. He's the first one to discover the Starborn Mothership landing, and quickly makes friends with the High Monarch Luxia and her daughter Andromeda. Kepler is typically seen by the people of Youngford as the ambassador with the Starborn, and his normally loving parents aren't hesitant to make a few bucks off of the bond. Positive EXT
As a sign of gratitude, Kepler was given EXT abilities by Luxia. These psychic powers are utilized defensively, granting Kepler a variety of healing, stat-boosting, and barrier powers. He also has access to SPACE, a move named by the player with unimaginable offensive power... though it can't be used too often.
Kepler is, despite being the main protagonist, not really the best at offense. His real focus is on defensive stats and staying alive, using his EXT abilities to help the rest of the party along the way. He does have halfway decent attack power, however, and can smash foes fairly well.
Hailey's entire family has had issues with aliens in the past. Her single mother claims to have been victim to an alien abduction when her daughter was only three weeks in the womb, and her grandfather, the world's most renowned astronomer, is one of the most prominent anti-Starborn protesters in the world. Of course, when you've been feared or abused for most of your life due to hard-to-control psychic powers seemingly gained from the abduction incident, the peaceful aliens are probably the least of your concern. Negative EXT
Assumedly gained from the alien abduction, Hailey has struggled with EXT-like psychic powers her whole life. Unlike Kepler, her abilities are focused entirely around offense, from basic elemental manipulation to absorption moves like Drain and Wisp.
Hailey is built around dealing heavy damage through EXT attacks, having high intelligence and a large EN pool. However, she has low defensive stats, and the lowest actual attack of any party member. Keep her healed up, and she'll be the most powerful member of the team.


Name Description
High Monarch Luxia
The empress of the Starborn upon their arrival to Earth. While the title makes her sound imposing, she's actually friendly in an old lady-ish kind of way, realizing her responsibilities but having fun with it. She's extremely fascinated with human culture and food, specifically anything sweet due to the lack of said flavor on her home planet.
Luxia is extremely attached to Kepler, who she calls her "little ambassador". She also is great friends with the mayor of Youngford, whose house she stays in after the Starborn are allowed to remain on Earth, much to the mayor's dismay.