StarBound Prime: Angels From Above is a crossover game between Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Earthbound and Metroid and is being released Thermo Z as well as also for the Nintendo Switch and The V². It is also a collaboration between TE Studios & KinglerMaster (tbc).

StarBound Prime: Angels from Above
Starbound Logo
The Logo for the game.
Developer(s) Thektdude (TE Studios) & KinglerMaster
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Thermo Z

Nintendo Switch

The V²

Release Date(s)
1 Player, Co-op
Genre(s) Adventure, RPG, Shooter, FPS, Platformer
Series Star Fox

Kid Icarus



Predecessor Star Fox Zero

Metroid Prime

Kid Icarus Uprising

Mother 3/Earthbound 2


Chapter 1: Fox meets Pit

At the StarFox base, Fox and Falco are given a mission by General Pepper to go and attack a ship that is heading towards the base. Fox and Falco get in their starwings and fly out of the base to the ship. When they arrive, Fox and Falco get a message from Wolf, saying that their not going to win this time. Fox and Falco fly into battle. Then all of a sudden, Fox's Ship starts to malfunction and starts turning in different directions. Falco calls for backup for Pepper and Sllipy when Fox then shoots past the ship and dissapears.

Fox's Starwing then falls into a White and Sand Coloured planet.

Pit is sitting on a rock above the clouds when he sees the starwing, falling from the sky into the ground. Pit will then stand up and fly into the clouds to the direction where the starwing is falling to. The starwing will then crash onto a arena in Skyworld.

While Pit is flying down, he can see the starwing. Fox gets out of the starwing, only to be greeted by Monoeyes and Miks. Fox pulls his gun out when Pit arrives. Pit and Fox then Team up when they go into a battle with the Monoeyes and Miks. After they destroy all of them, Pit then brings his hand out and Fox shakes it, then they both look at the broken starwing.

Pit then calls out to Lady Palutina and she appears. Pit then asks her if she can help Fox fix his Starwing. Palutena then accepts the offer and she then teleports them and her to her temple. She says she will need ingredients to fix his starwing and Fox is confused. Palutina says to him that she can fix a lot of things with ingredients.

After she cooks the cure to Fox's broken starwing, she then pours it into the space engine. Fox is then stunned to see his Starwing powering up to show that it is now working. Fox then thanks Pit and Palutina for their help and he then gets in. Pit then stops him for a minute and asks him about what is he doing, and where is he going? Fox replies to him by saying that he needs to go and protect his base in space by destroying a ship that is heading the way to his base. Pit then says that he can help him. Fox is questioned for a second but Pit tells him he can fly and breathe in space.

Fox agrees to it and starts his starwing. As Fox shoots up into the air, Pit then shoots up and follows him into space, after hearing good luck from Lady Palutina.

Chapter 2: Lucas and Ness Meet Samus

At Onett in Eagleland, Ness gets a knock on the door and goes to answer it. Its Lucas and Ness is surprised to see him because hes never seen Lucas appear in Eagleland, since he lives many years later than him. Lucas asks him if he wants to help him and Jeff on Something and he says yes. Ness asks him how are they going to get there and Lucas uses Teleport, both on Him and Ness to get to Winters. When they arrive, they walk up to Jeff's Lab.

Jeff answers and tells them both to come in because he wants to show them something. When they come inside, they see a UFO thats under construction. Jeff tells him while Lucas came to get Ness, a rat appeared out of nowhere and tripped him over and he lost the last pieces for his creation to work. Jeff tells him that he tried to look for them in his lab, but found nothing so he tells Ness and Lucas to try and look for the final things he needs outside.

After they find all the pieces, they go back to the Lab and they give the final pieces to Jeff. Jeff then finishes putting all the pieces together and then the UFO lights up. Jeff tells Ness and Lucas to get inside the UFO to test it out. Lucas and Ness both get inside and see a lot of buttons. Jeff then tells them what the buttons are as he pushes a button to open the ceiling for the UFO. Ness then pushes the up button that causes the UFO to go up into the air. As they are almost going into space, Jeff tells them that its not good in space yet, but its too late. Ness and Lucas realise what they just done and they both start to worry. Jeff tells them not to panic because he will try and control the thing, but the signal isn't good so Jeff's voice starts to buzz and they both can't understand a word hes saying. Once Jeff had no signal, he went to call someone before saying, "I hope their ok." Lucas starts to panic, but Ness tells him their going to be fine and Lucas soon calms down.

The UFO went on for a half an hour before they go inside a space station. The UFO crashes onto the ground in the space station.

Ness and Lucas appear to be fine as they get out. As they explore the place, it appears to be Abandoned because of how it was quite dark with only a few lights on, but not just that. There are also leaves and webs everywhere. There was also the sound of hissing as they explored more of the place. Lucas begins to worry again and Ness starts to get his baseball bat out.

They get even closer to the hissing sound and as they turn a corner, they see a lot of Metroids floating around in a room. Lucas starts to scream and Ness has his bat out. The Metroids then hear the scream and turn around. They start heading towards the boys and Ness swings his bat at one of them, only to get a nasty shock. Ness tries using PK Fire and it kills 2 of the Metroids. The boys start running. As they are running, they can hear something else, besides the hissing. But as they hear something else, they get trapped to a dead end. Lucas sits down and starts covering his face with his hands and starts shaking uncontrollably and Ness is charging for a PK Attack, until all the Metroids suddenly get all shot and die. They are then greeted by Samus Aran and she tells them that they need to come with her.

Ness agrees and tells Lucas its ok. Lucas stands up and shakes his hand. They run to the control room where Samus plants a bomb and says that they have to get out of here now. As they all turn, they are confornted by Metroids, lots of them. Lucas is now confident this time and gets ready to use his PK Powers and Same with Ness, while Samus has her weapon loaded. After they run through and kill a lot of Metroids, they find the place where the UFO had crashed before, now there was Samus' Starship sitting next to it. Lucas asks Ness about the UFO now broken and Ness says that it will be fine, just not tell Jeff. As Samus' starship door opens, Ness gets in and as Lucas is getting in, Samus puts a hand on his shoulder and Lucas looks at her. Samus tells him that he will be ok. Lucas then Smiles and runs into the ship. Samus then gets in and the door closes. Then, she starts up the Starship and blasts out of the abandoned space station.

Chapter 3: We got Company.

As Fox is flying in his Starwing and Pit is flying with just his wings, Pit is Fanstiated by the stars as he describes hes never been in space before and is also surprised by how he can breathe in space since there isn't really any oxygen in space. As Pit is looking at the stars, Fox warns him that their heading into a battle. Pit looks and sees a massive ship with a lot of other spaceships attacking each other and even Starwings. Pit gets ready as Fox gets ready as well. As they prepare to attack, Fox gets a signal from Falco asking where has he been and is he ok and also asks who's with him.

Fox tells him he's fine and he crashed into a planet earlier but managed to get it fixed by someone that's with him, which he tells Falco the boy's name and Falco introduces himself to him and then Pit introduces himself to Falco. Then they enter battle. As their still in battle, Pit sees something in the distance and tells Fox. Fox then notices a strange spot on his scanner. In the distance, they see a ship that looks familiar. As it gets closer, its Samus' Ship coming towards the battlefield. Fox figures out what it is and goes back into battle. Then it switches to Samus and Lucas and Ness in the ship. Lucas & Ness are seated at the back. Samus aims at the ships and shoots at them until they blow up.

Fox, Falco and Pit watch as many ships get shot and taken down and blown up. After they all get blown up, Fox hears Samus say, "You needed help McCloud?"

Chapter 4: First Impressions

Fox is surpised to see Samus at the battlefield and already destroying some enemies. Fox then tells Samus to attack those blaters that were firing Rockets at the ships and Pit. Samus then controls the ship and heads towards the blasters that were now firing at Samus' Ship. Samus dodges all of them and destroys the blasters. She turns and heads back to the main battle. The battle continues. Fox then finishes off destroying the last ship, and begins to turn as a final missile heads towards Fox and Pit aims his arrow and shoots the missile, causing it to explode. Falco then tells everyone to follow him and everyone does.

They arrive at planet Conceria and land on top of a building. Everyone apart from Pit gets out and meets up in a circle. Falco then says meet up in the sitting room in 5 minutes and heads to the door that leads down into the building. Everyone starts to go ahead, except Lucas. Samus stops and turns to see Lucas standing back by the ships and Samus walks to him and says, "You ok?" Lucas looks up and her and says, "I'm fine." Samus then says, "Hey, I can hold your hand if you want, you don't seem ok, your safe now." Lucas takes his hand out, and Samus grabs it. They both catch up with Ness and Pit, as they both go in.

Meanwhile back in space, Wolf is sitting at a table, discussing his plans with a few people (who you don't see yet) and Wolf then brings his head up and says, "Are you in?" Then the whole table reveals Pokey in a computer machine and Ridley. And Wolf then says, "We need, one more person. I know who that will be."


It plays in different forms, being a crossover. In some circumstances, it plays similar to Star Fox, although in other circumstances, it plays similar to Metroid. Other circumstances have gameplay resembling Earthbound and when fixing objects, the gameplay is similar to Cooking Mama. However, overall, it is similar to a 3D RPG.


Playable Characters

Playable Characters
FoxSSBV Full Fox McCloud is an anthropomorthic fox from the Star Fox series. He is a space adventurer that flies around in various machinery, defeating evil. In this game, he makes an encounter with EarthBound, Kid Icarus, and Metroid characters and has to save the world with them.
480px-Falco SSB4 Art Falco Lombardi is an anthropomorthic member of the Avian race and the ace pilot of the Star Fox team. He is Fox's best friend, but small rival at the same time. Falco, compared to Fox's energetic, headstrong personality, is cool, calm, and collected, yet still very agile and powerful.

Samus ssbu keyshot render by arrow 4 u-d8mchyc

480px-Zero Suit Samus SSB4

Samus Aran is a bounty hunter that works for the galactic force to defeat evil. While she is usually equipped with a powerful Power Suit, she sometimes comes out of the suit, being revealed as a female, as a surprise to most. She can shoot lasers, bombs, and various other machinery using her Power Suit, and when outside of it, she can use various weapons such as a taser or stun whip.
Pit-0 Pit is an angel that works for Palutena, both as a servant and the captain of her bodyguards. Pit is the third character to be unlocked in the game, and his abilities include shooting arrows, using a shield to defend himself, and flying to evade attacks.
PalutenaSSBVFull Palutena, the Goddess of Light, is a patron deity and the mother figure of the angel Pit. Despite being a goddess, she appears as a damsel in distress most of the time, being captured by Medusa and needing Pit to save her. In battle, she can use her staff for various effects and attacks.
Ness SSB4 Ness is a young boy from the town of Onett. He is a special, gifted child with the ability to use PSI Powers, which he utilizes in battle. Aside from using PSI, he can also use standard attacks such as punching and kicking, and can attack with his baseball bat.
Lucas SSB4 Lucas is a timid and shy young boy from Tazmily Village. He, like Ness, is shown as an ordinary child, but is actually gifted with PSI, similarly to him. Lucas, however, has slightly different PSI Powers that are less offensive and more supportive. He can also attack using sharp sticks.



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