StarBaras are little star creatures that look like star charms & are protected & cared for by Lomo. When protection powers are given to star dust, that is when StarBaras are born. StarBaras can get along with Lumas very well.

Some StarBaras


Lumu is a blue StarBara that was given to Lomo by Rosalina in 1985. He is Lomo's trusted assistant & advisor. He is sometimes excited to try new things out.


When you first see this, you think the StarSword is just a weapon. But get this: The grey StarBara on the top of the sword blade can talk! He also acts as a guide for your player in Nintendo Island & is used by Lomo in Super Smash Bros.

Special StarBaras in Nintendo Island

When you help a Nintendo hero complete a quest in the game, a StarBara in style of the hero you helped will revive.

Some include:

  • Mario StarBara
  • Luigi StarBara
  • Link StarBara
  • Kirby StarBara
  • Sonic StarBara
  • Pikachu StarBara
  • ALL THE DESIGNS AS OF Yoshi's Wooly World (plus Pokemon & minus villains & Splatoon)

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