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I put the card in my pocket and leave the building, I decide to test out my Stand on some zombies walking nearby.

Jerry: Let's see how this works, MISS JACKSON!

Miss Jackson appears right besides me and I send her near the zombies, she attacks with her katana at first but they quickly figure out my pattern and smack her against a wall, but then suddenly...I feel a strong pain on my back as soon as she smacked against the every time she gets hurt....I GET HURT TOO!?!

Jerry: Ugh...gotta be more careful, I have a plan!

I make Miss Jackson cover the area in a smoke cloud to confuse the zombies and then I send her to attack them, this time she manages to take them all out.

Jerry: Woo! That's what i'm talking about!

???: Not bad at all my dear friend!

Jerry: Agh! W-Who's there!?

Derrick: The name's Derrick Shade, only the best Stand User around these parts!

Jerry: Oh yeah? What's YOUR stand?

Derrick: Just look!

I turn where he's pointing and see a big horde of zombies....Wait, what's that? The enormous shadow below them...IS TURNING INTO A GIANT BEAR TRAP! Aaaannd....they're all

Derrick: Meet Ghost! My Stand with the ability to shapeshift, merge into shadows and pass through walls! He's practically invincible!

Jerry: I must say your Stand is pretty impressive...

Derrick: And now he's gonna finish YOU!

Jerry: W-WAIT WHAT!?!

His stand is coming at me!! ACK!!....Nggh...I crashed into a hurts...alot

Jerry: You bastard! MISS JACKSON!

I activate Miss Jackson and send her to attack Ghost, but as soon as she delivers the first blow, Ghost seems to disappear? Where the hell is it!? ...W-Wait...Is it me or...

Jerry: *turns around and sees shadow growing bigger than him* Oh shit...


Derrick: Of course it is! That was the plan!

W-Wait, you aren't around me! How am I hearing you!

Derrick: I don't understand it either, but Stand users can communicate through telepathy when they're a certain distance from each other, I know this because I have already faced off against another Stand before fighting you!

Ngggghh.....I'm losing consciousness...I neeed.....

Jerry: M-Miss.....JACKSON!!!

Miss Jackson....stabbing Ghost....Ghost returning to his humanoid form....Oh god I almost died there.

Jerry: Now....I'M GONNA FINISH YOU!! 

Miss Jackson covers the area in smoke, this is my playground now! Miss Jackson strikes the stand left and right but I need to know where the Stand User is....where are you Derrick!?

Derrick: You seriously think I will tell you? Haha-- KURGH!! Dammit, this hurts alot!

And that's just how i'll find you! Miss Jackson keep stabbing!

Derrick: AAHH!!!

Jerry: *runs to where the sound came from* So you where hiding behind a destroyed garbage truck? Pfft...hahaha!

Derrick: Fuck you!

Jerry: *grins* Wow there buddy no need to be so rude, eh?

Derrick: Actually I should be the one grinning right now!

Jerry: And why is that?

Derrick: Look below you!

Wow, there's a really big shadow below me.....fuck

Derrick: You're now in my range! Make any move and my Stand will kill you!

Jerry: Grrr....

Derrick: Now it's time to finish you off! GHOST!!

Jerry: NOT SO FAST!! I still have one last trick up my sleeve!

Derrick: W-What!?

Jerry: TAKE THIS!! *throws something at him*

You're done for, Derrick!

Derrick: JUST SHUT UP!!

I can't, this is my head!

Derrick: Grrr....KYAH! *moves Ghost from below Jerry to in front of him to catch the object* What the hell is this anyway!? *looks at the object which ends up being a card with Miss Jackson on it* What the fuck is this!?

Jerry: Thanks moving your Stand away from me! MISS JACKSON!!

Derrick: W-WHAT!?

Miss Jackson starts delivering a ridiculously fast amount of blows with the katana! Yeah!


Miss Jackson delivers the final blow and Derrick drops to the ground.

Jerry: How's that?

Derrick: *cough* *cough* ...Not too bad, but keep in mind that your Stand isn't the only one who can do....THAT...*cough* *cough*

Jerry: Well I'll just have to keep that in mind then...

Derrick: And one more thing...

Jerry: What?

Derrick: KYA!!! *activates Ghost and covers the area in shadows before dashing through a wall*

AGH!! HE ESCAPED!!?!?! Grrr...*sigh* I'll just have to keep moving I guess...

Meanwhile, the mysterious vampire known as Dio sees the scene happen through a cracked TV screen...

Dio: Hm...Could've been better but it wasn't too bad! However the fight between you and that other Stand user was more amusing in my opinion...Whatever the case I need to see some kills going or I'll have to intervene...

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