Stan the Bugman is a fan game about the rarely used Donkey Kong character Stanley the Bugman for WiiU, 3DS, ROC, and Legendary Pop-Fizz 42.




Stan has been hard at work spraying ordinary bugs, but a nieghborhood in Circumstance City has an overload of evil insects! It's up to Stan the Bugman to stop these evil insects, and the low-life responsible!


Stan uses his regular spray for the first few levels, but later uses a variety of exterminating tools!

Weapon Bugs it can Kill Description Stan's Spray ants, flys

Your first weapon, and 

quite an effective one.

Gasser ants, flys, bees, moths

A big hose with big


Fly Paper ants, crickets, snails, spiders

Put on the floor, and

the bugs get more then

they bargained for...

Bug Zapper

ants, flys, bees, moths, crickets,

spiders, cattapillars

Instant Kill!

Just remember that it

can't kill armoued bugs.

Insect Repellant All Bugs!

Spray it on, and your

completely invinsible!

for 20 secends.....

Fly Swatter

ants, flys, bees, moths, crickets

Whap, Whap, Whap!
Froggy Friend

ants, flys, bees, moths, crickets,

spiders, cattapillars

Nothing better than

a helping hand.


Bosses are people hired by the Bugging Man (Zhan the Buggerman) that will stop at nothing to stop Stan!

  • Lord of the Flys
  • Ant Weaver
  • Queen Bee
  • Spider King
  • Snailler
  • Mammoth Moth
  • Zhan the Buggerman


Worlds are places that Stan visits to get to the Evil Bugs' Master.

  1. Cicumstance City
  2. Bogville
  3. Stinger's Desert
  4. Venom Valley
  5. Mt. Snow Snail
  6. Cattapillar Caverns
  7. Zhan's Lair

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