The story begins in Stampy's lovley world...

Stampy woke up one morning. L for Lee walked through Stampy's painting and gave him a breakfast cake. Stampy ate the cake and started heading tourds the dog house to say good morning to his dogs.

Meanwhile, at Hit the Target's house...

Hit the Target himself was trying to think of a way to try and steal Stampy's dogs again. "THAT'S IT!!!!!!!" Hit the Target yells as he leaps out of his chair. Hit the Target smacks his head on the book case and a bunch of books fall on him. Hit the Target picks up one of the books.  It was a history book of Minecraftia's worst villains. Hit the Target flipped threw the pages and found a story of when the Lord of the Nether almost took over Minecraftia and enslaved everybody on it. However, the creator of Minecraftia, Notch, defeated the evil Lord. He scattered the peices of the source of his power across different locations and sealed him within the Volcano of Woe, never to be seen again. Unless... sombody happens to find the pieces of the source of his power and gets to the Volcano of Woe and releases him from his volcanic prison to use him to take over Minecraftia. "I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!" Hit the Target yells in excitment. "I need to release the Lord of the Nether and use him to take over Stampy's lovely world, and I won't need Stampy's dogs for my plan at all!!!!!!!!!!" Hit the Target yells happily.

Back at Stampy's house...

Stampy and Lee walked into the dog house and said good morning to the dogs. Stampy decided to take Flippy for a walk. When Stampy and Flippy went outside, the ground started to shake.  A rocket engine was heard and finally a red, black and Nether Brick rocket starts flying into the sky at super sonic speed. Stampy recognized the colors and realized Hit the Target was at it again. Only this time, he is not after his dogs. Stampy told his friends and they all gathered into Stampy's rocket and blasted off towards the moon after Hit the Target. What they didn't notice was that Stampy's dogs (and Mittens) secretly got space suits, dog sized (and cat sized), and followed the team and onto Stampy's rocket, becoming a part of their adventure!

Stampy rocket
  While Stampy and his friends were catching up with Hit the Target, he looked behind him. "Oh no!!!!! The big cat and his idiotic friends are following me!!!!!" Hit the Target yells with anger. "THAT'S IT!!!!!!! THIS CALLS FOR DRASTIC MEASURES!!!!!!"  Hit the Target uses his super computer and a beam redirects a meteor shower onto Stampy's rocket.

The meteor shower lands on the rocket and smashes a giant hole in it. "Stampy!!!! There's a giant hole in the rocket!!!! What do we do?!" Amy Lee yells. "I don't know!!!! But I think our only option is to panic!!!!" Stampy yells.

All the while, Stampy's dogs are hiding under Stampy's seat and think of something. The dogs run to the exit and hook up Barnaby's space suit to a rocket wire. Then, they hand Barnaby a bunch of orange wool blocks. Barnaby jumps out of the rocket and pushes himself towards Stampy's rocket wreckage. He places the orange wool blocks on the holes in the rocket. When the last hole was patched up, the dogs pulled Barnaby back into the rocket. Stampy looked out the window and saw that the hole was patched up. "LOOK WE'RE SAVED! WE'RE SAVED!!!" Stampy yells with joy.

"Ok, just forget about them. I'm almost to the moon anyway" Hit the Target says not really tTHAT angry. Hit the Target's rocket lands, he walks out and sees two aliens in the distance. "Hey aliens!' Maybe they know where the Diamond of Evil is" Hit the Target says.

Stampy and his friends land their rocket and see Hit the Target torturing Stampy's alien friends.

"FOR THE LAST TIME, WHERE IS THE DIAMOND OF EVIL?!?!?!" Hit the Target yells. "I swear we don't know" Alien #1 said. "Ok fine. If you don't know, I'll have to find out myself" says Hit the Target. He pulls out his Diamond Pickaxe and starts digging into the ground. "NO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Stampy yells.

It was to late, Hit the Target placed a block of moon stone in the hole that he dug into. A couple minutes later, Hit the Target dug out of the ground with an Enchanted Diamond in his hand. "YES, I HAVE THE DIAMOND OF EVIL. NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW." Hit the Target laughs menacingly.

"That's where your wrong Hit the Target!!!!!!!" Ballistic Squid yells from behind. "Wait a second, how can he communicate with us?" Stampy asks. "What? I thought you would have figured it out by now." Hit the Target says. "Have you not noticed this collar around my neck? It's linked to a bunch of wires which are attached to my brain that are sending commands from my mind to the collar which allows me to speak. I needed something from the nether so the collar would work, so I used nether wart for fule. My mind is also doing so much of the work that I can even speak in any voice. See, I'm speaking in Stampy's voice now." Hit the Target says sounding just like Stampy. "Well, enough chitter chatter it's time to get rid of you! I now summon the power of the Diamond of Evil." At that moment, zombies and Skeletons jumped out of the Diamond and attacked the team.
Zombies skeletons

Stampy and his friends pull out there weapons ready to fight. Rosie didn't have any weapons and just threw her fish at one of the Skeletons. "AHHHHHHHH!! I CAN'T SEE WHAT I'M SHOOTING!!!!!!! WHERE'S THAT PESKY PENGUIN?!" The blind Skeleton yells. The blind Skeleton tries to shoot one of Stampy's friends but ends up shooting one of the Zombies. Stampy grabs L for Lee's hands and spins him around and around and around. He finally lets go and Lee lands on Zombies and Skeletons. "That's what happens when googlies mess with Mr. Stampy Cat!" Stampy says.  The fighting continues.  Henry the Snow Golem scrapes some snow off his body and swallows it. Hilda the Iron Golem picks up Henry and uses him as a snowball spitting cannon. Amy Lee waves hi and winks at a bunch of Zombies and Skeletons. Hearts pop up on there eyes and they are distracted long enough for Ballistic Squid to cut off there heads. Ank uses his enchanted diamond sword to set a Skeleton on fire.

More coming soon.

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