Note: For now, this article is canon to the Fantendoverse in the series Fantasy along with some other works by the user CSketch. This article is not and will not be canon to the events in the Fantendoverse established in Fracture and Shattered until those in charge of writing the canon Fantendoverse say so.

The Staff of Aktoz is a staff-based artifact crated by Aktoz and the Ancestral Gods in Fantasy: The Staff of Aktoz.


The Staff of Aktoz is a thin golden staff and even though it's said to be one of the most powerful artifacts, it has been described to be very light.

The staff itself seems to have a red gem of sorts near the tip, some people speculate that the gem is the source of the power but no one knows for sure. The gem apparently seems unbreakable and hasn't received any cracks or marks of any sorts, which is strange considering it has been an artifact that's been around since the creation of the Fantendoverse.


The Staff of Aktoz was created in case any of the higher deities like Aktoz and Ektaz went rogue, thus the staff can fire blasts of light energy which can banish even deities into dead/empty universes, in the process draining their power so they don't get out.

The Staff of Aktoz has also shown other abilities such as affecting weather and landscapes, giving life and casting other types of spells and curses.

However, if a mortal or someone without the power of a deity comes in contact wth the staff, the staff will react by draining all of the energy of said person until their death at a quick rate. If a mortal comes in contact they'll most probably die in 30 seconds max. (depending on their strength) if they don't release the staff until then, but if the staff is wielded by multiple people in synchrony, the draining properties can be spread out and the staff can be wielded for more time.


Creation of the Fantendoverse

The staff was created by Aktoz along with the Ancestrals after noticing "strange behaviour" in Ektaz as a last resort if he ever turned hostile, but he did give permission to the Ancestrals to use it on him in case he ever went rogue as well.

Eventually the staff was wielded against Ektaz and he was vanquished into a dead universe, but since it wasn't ready yet it didn't drain all of Ektaz's power. One of the Ancestrals, Contrazte, shocked by the display of "violence" against Ektaz, who he befriended before being vanquished, decided to rebel against Aktoz only to be vanquished into the same dead universe as Ektaz, who secretly used some of the power he had left to send Contrazte back into the Fantendoverse, but he wouldn't land there until much much later.

Tower of Babel

After realizing the true power inside the staff he created, Aktoz decided to lock it away in a place no man would ever reach, he decided to name this place, "Tower of Babel" and locked it away, but just in case another attacker of such power arrived, he created a special realm in the depths of the Fantendoverse and hid several "Key Artifacts" that can be used to open the tower.

Fantasy - The Staff of Aktoz

In the TV series Fantasy - The Staff of Aktoz, Contrazte, now renamed Oskuridad (shortened as Osk) sets out to collect the Key Artifacts to wield the staff against Aktoz and free Ektaz but he quickly grows a rivalry with the main cast that ends in a race in time to find the artifacts.

In the end both go inside the tower and the two sides fight for the staff until it finally ends in the hands of the main cast who manage to wield it for a brief moment and vanquish Osk as well. 

However, Osk doesn't die for good as he manages to use the brief burst of energy from the staff to transform into data and scatter across the cyberspace, eventually forming back and being saved by a cult of Ektaz worshippers.

Derezzt's Attack

The cult that saves Osk starts a project led by him to make a clone of Ektaz, which ends in many failed attempts except one, but due to bad luck, an error occurs in the coding due to a failure in the system. The system is repaired but the clone becomes fully sentient and kills most of the cult members and goes into a rampage (which is dismissed by the public as a natural phenomenon) until being stopped by Aktoz, but due to the failed coding of the clone, he ends up having to use the staff to contain the clone in a secluded and restrained part of the cyberspace known as "Limbo", though the clone renames it to his liking once he starts playing with the environment and claims himself as the king of said area.

Fantasy's Fall

The Staff of Aktoz is said to return and play an important role in-game, though it's still unknown what exact role it will play.

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