Sreel Srok
Full Name Sreel Srok
Current Age 28
Gender Male
Species Anthromorphic Eel
Current Status Alive
First Appearance The Origins of Sreel: Electric Adventurer

Sreel Srok is a supporting Fantendoverse character. Sreel is an anthromorphic eel from Protodon, born with electrokinetic powers that he uses as a superhero named the Electric Adventurer.

He's the main character of The Origins of Sreel: Electric Adventurer. Reception has been (TBA).


The Origins of Sreel: Electric Adventurer


Sreel is a nice guy who strongly believes in justice and helping those in need. He will always go on a quest to save innocent lives, even if it doesn't work out for him. He is very honorable as well.

Despite his kind nature, he will kill his enemies for the good of the many. He's also pretty clumsy and can be naive from time to time.


Sreel is a tall eel who is usually coiled. He has narrow yellow eyes, a wide grin, various tribal markings, and yellow spikes on his back. He has slimy, dark blue skin, and is usually armed with intricate metal gauntlets.


Sreel was born with electrokinesis that can be used in various ways, but most often is used as a dangerous projectile that will hurt his opponents. Without the gauntlets, his electric powers are more powerful, but erratic and uncontrollable.

He's also a good detective, being able to find evidence and solve puzzles fairly quickly, and, being a journalist, is skilled at writing.





  • His name came from the suggestion that the eel be named Sroo, after the developer. This was added with eel to become Sreel. His last name is a misspelling of Sroo.
  • This character is the 4th community character and was created by CSketch, PabloDePablo, DarKingdomHearts, and Sr.Wario.